Trump Decimates Mental Health Care Services After Being Called ‘Unfit’ & ‘Incompetent’


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that President Donald Trump doesn’t much care about vulnerable Americans. But this new cut has the potential to have far-reaching, long-lasting consequences.

The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practises (NREPP) is a registry meant to provide information to the public about mental health and substance use interventions programs. The intention is to identify organizations and resources within reach to Americans and evidence-based behavioral health programs that could be accessed to obtain assistance for these forms of issues. Previously, it was funded and managed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) but it has since been announced that the entire Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has had their budget slashed.

SAMHSA writes of the NREPP:

‘SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) is a searchable database of more than 330 interventions for the prevention and treatment of mental and substance use disorders. It helps people, agencies, and organizations identify and implement evidence-based programs and practices in their communities.’

Upon accessing the database however, it indicates that:

‘[T]he current NREPP contract has been discontinued.’

But that SAMHSA is working to remain “very focused on the development and implementation of evidence-based programs in communities across the nation.” Further, that their “policy lab” will continue to “lead the effort to reconfigure its approach to identifying and disseminating evidence-base[d] practise[s] and programs.”

Although the program has been discontinued, it is believed that the existing data will be present for some time, but this is a massive hit in terms of promoting mental wellness and providing support to those with substance abuse issues. Its dissemination of data to determine best practises has led the way for a tremendous amount of growth in this field and enabled many Americans to lead better lives. To curb that process now seems unfathomable, but, this is coming from an administration with a strong history of touting perspectives and items as facts without or contrary to evidence.

Many Twitter users within that service industry and related professionals are expressing their profound disdain for the decision.

‘Wow! Appears that NREPP is being shut down. Just before the new year, SAMHSA’s NREPP contractor, DSG, began notifying program developers that the NREPP contract has been terminated “for the convenience of the government.” The notice directed questions to [email protected]

‘So I just got the news that the Trump admin defunded SAMHSA’s NREPP. Teen suicides are up. Yeah, this is a great time to start kicking research in the teeth.’

‘With news out today work is ending on the @samhsagov #NREPP this is increasingly true: “The cards are stacking up in a confusing way for the @RealDonaldTrump administration on whether there is clear support for #evidencebased policymaking.”‘

‘This is reprehensible. The NREPP simply cannot be that expensive and provides important guidance. This is a war on science and evidence based medical care.’

‘Hard to believe this is happening. NREPP has been a valuable resource for mental health professionals. Such freely accessible databases are critical to keep track and search for evidence-based programming.’

‘Shouldn’t we strive to have more policy making based on evidence and science, not less? Decisions like this hurt families, physicians and agencies who want to help thoe with #behavioralhealth issues surrounding mental health and substance abuse. #NREPP’

Concerningly, according to the research of this individual, the NREPP was budgeted for. This leads to further questions on what was meant by SAMHSA’s comments that the defunding was for the “convenience” of the government.

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