Kellyanne Conway Just Humiliated The Nation With Ridiculous Statements To CNN


Surprising no one, President Trump has put his mental shortcomings on display once more. His advisors and administrative staff definitely have a rough road ahead.

After two years of blustery promises, Donald Trump has begun to walk back his pledge to build the biggest, tallest, hugest, most beautiful border wall along the U.S. southern boarder with Mexico.

If you need a quick reminder, here’s a quick rundown of Trump’s wall strategy:

He’s described his ideal border as as: a wall, a great wall, a big and beautiful wall, a serious wall, a real wall,  an impenetrable wall, a physical wall, a tall wall, a powerful wall, and a beautiful wall.

According to a recent CNN interview with White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, it took meeting with experts to convince Trump that topographical issues exist along the border. Via New York Daily News:

“The President discovered that part of it will be the physical wall, part of it is better technology, part of it is also fencing. There are rivers involved, I’m told, mountains, terrain that isn’t conducive to building an actual physical structure in some places.”

It’s almost as if there is reason for nuance when considering border security.

The arguments against building a giant wall are well documented. And this opposition isn’t solely composed of unnecessarily combative Democrats. In this Axios report from August of 2017, high-ranking Republican senator John McCain issued a blistering take-down of the wall solution:

“I’m not against a border wall, OK, but go to China and you’ll see a border wall there. We need technology, we need drones, we need surveillance capabilities and we need rapid-reaction capabilities… But to think that a wall is going to stop illegal immigration or drugs is crazy.

Of course the wall isn’t a silver bullet straight to the heart of every problem connected to U.S. immigration policy. But that’s just not how Trump works. There seems to be little to no impulse within Trump that guides him to meticulously research and then form opinions based upon hard facts.

Partly, this may stem from Trump’s know-it-all attitude, which is frequently on display. After all, he is the smartest.

Trump seems to truly believe that he is the ultimate resource. He is also (supposedly) the only one that has the knowledge we need, the only one that can fix our nation’s problems. He’s the key to solving issues like:

…our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

…centuries of deeply-seated religious conflict in the Middle East.

…sectarian violence in Iraq, exploding into Europe.

…the exodus of manufacturing jobs.

… stabilizing the most complicated healthcare system on the planet.

It’s crystal clear that Donald Trump has spent his political energy spouting simplistic solutions with little detail. That’s all well and good for a campaign, but let’s see how that’s working out for him as he is forced to face facts. What else has Trump “learned,” despite being a self-described genius since at least 2013?

NATO was “obsolete” for approximately 357 days before becoming “not obsolete”:

Attacking Syria was a terrible idea:

…but only for around three years.

China was a currency manipulator:

…but only for about 172 days, according to the BBC.

Trump’s lack of innate curiosity, combined with his assertions that he already knows everything, creates a potent product: a perfect storm of cluelessness. Which then results in his being forced to step back poorly-constructed policies, leaving us no closer to meaningfully solving any issues.

His “discovering” that the southern border has challenging terrain is funny, but let’s not forget what’s at stake here:

Featured image via Getty/Spencer Platt.