Trump Busted Bashing ‘Sh*thole’ Immigrants In Disgustingly Racist Oval Office Meeting


President Donald Trump was elected on hateful rhetoric, it’s one of the only things he’s managed to stay consistent on from his campaign days and that’s an extremely unfortunate truth.

As a consequence of his xenophobia, it has been reported Thursday that he has rejected the proposition of a bipartisan group of senators, who sought to come to a compromise on DACA. American immigrants who came to the country as children are a part of the group known as Dreamers who were provided essentially citizenship through DACA, an Obama-era program which recognized that the only country they’d ever known as home was the United States. Donald Trump however, doesn’t care, which he proved first when he promised he would not revoke or alter the policy for Dreamers and then did a total flip-flop.

Most abhorrent in terms of what’s been reported of the Oval Office meeting is the language Trump chose to use, and the disturbing things it means for foreign diplomacy.

Allegedly, President Donald Trump exclaimed (while dismissing their suggestions):

‘Why do we want all these people from shithole countries coming here?’

Well then. While that’s certainly in line with what America has come to expect of President Trump, it’s hard not to be flabbergasted that he had the audacity to voice his bigoted beliefs in such a blunt and damaging way. Not only does he demonstrate that he has no sense of humanity or empathy with that remark, but he also demonstrates that he has little to no capacity to be diplomatic, nor does he likely understand what profound and devastating impacts such comments can have in terms of America’s foreign relationships and the effect that could have on absolutely every faucet of society. This is certainly not excluding his favorite talking point – the economy.

Senator Minority Whip Dick Durbin was said to be explaining that a Temporary Protected Status could replace the existing DACA visa lottery system, particularly for people coming from countries such as El Salvador. Further, it is claimed from a source briefed on the meeting that Trump instead would like to see more people from Norway. This comment is likely as a result of the Norwegian Prime Minister’s visit earlier this week.

As the January 19th deadline to reach an agreement on DACA looms closer, the White House has been mums the word on the subject – simply informing Americans that:

‘There has not been a deal reached yet.’

President Trump called on Congress to solve the DACA problem since a judge blocked his ability to totally rescind it, and the Group of 6 bipartisan senators have sought to do just that, while addressing the issues of concerns identified: border security, diversity via the lottery, chain migration/family reunification, and the Dream Act. After four months of work, they thought they had a solution that did just that – only to be rejected in such a brutal fashion.

Catch up on what President Trump has said about DACA and this immigration compromise:

Sadly, at least half of these reassurances have likely been made under false pretenses – it was previously reported for instance that Pelosi urged Trump to issue the reassurances. No matter how he tries to spin it, that mouth of his is going to get the United States in big trouble.

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