JUST IN: Evidence That Trump Doctor Note Is Fake Announced By Rachel Maddow


President Donald Trump—self-alleged “stable genius”—just made another devastatingly stupid move, and it too is coming back to bite him faster than he could’ve ever prepared for.

Throughout the presidential campaign, he perpetually feigned concern for the opposing Democratic candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health. He made numerous comments at debates, rallies and in interviews on the subject and even integrated comments about her supposed health problems as a part of his national television ad campaigns:

‘Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world.’

He further called her out on Twitter in August of 2016 claiming that he’d be happy to release “detailed medical records” proving his physical ability to lead, and suggesting she would be opposed to doing the same:

‘I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary Clinton and myself, should release detailed medical records. I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?’

Yet—if memory serves—Donald Trump is the one with a history releasing promised records. Does no one else remember the fiasco over his refusal to release his tax returns? On top of that, the clear bill of health that was allegedly provided to the public early in the campaign for a Mr. Donald Trump sounded eerily like it had been written by the patient it was claimed to be about. Hillary’s campaign team certainly didn’t hesitate to highlight that point in retaliation, either.

Then there was also that time he appeared on the Dr. Oz show to “dramatically reveal” his physical results and it was determined he was 0.5 points shy of medical obesity according to his BMI:

Now that Donald Trump has progressed and is acting as president, his physical health has again been called into question. It doesn’t take a medical practitioner to determine that he is most certainly not in good health. From his eating habits, to exercise habits, to getting minimal sleep, there is no way this is a man that is “healthy as a horse.” It has also been previously established that to manipulate his body mass index, he lied about his height on his driver’s license.

The White House announced that President Donald Trump would be undergoing his physical in January and the American public long awaited the news. Yet on Friday, the White House reported that the exam went “exceptionally well” and that President Trump was in “excellent health” opposing obvious indicators.

Thankfully, the United States has Rachel Maddow, who is willing to tell it like it is:

‘Just going to take a wild guess that Dr. Jackson didn’t actually write that note the White House put out.’

‘And not just because they somehow tried to make this guy sound like this guy.’

Maddow highlights an important point: the White House physician’s name is Ronny Jackson. The note allegedly from said doctor reads “Dr. Ronnie Jackson.” It seems remarkably improbable that the good doctor suddenly forgot how to spell his own name—and if that was indeed the case, is this a doctor’s opinion which America can trust? It also seems suspicious due to the format of the signature, as it is highly informal for a note meant to validate the president’s health. One would expect him to write “Ronny Jackson, MD,” or something of that nature as essentially every other doctor in the country does.

It seems we have again devolved back into an age of “alternative facts” with this administration—that is, if we ever left it. One question remains, however: how many times is this administration going to lie and not even figure out how to do it without being so blatantly obvious? If this administration is so incompetent they cannot fabricate a reasonably legitimate-seeming doctor’s note, how are they to run this country?

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