JUST IN: Top White House Staffer Defiantly Resigns; Security Swarms & Escorts


As the United States nears a season finale of sorts with very few of President Donald Trump’s initial hires in their same positions, or in the White House at all for that matter – it has been reported Saturday that yet another one bit the dust.

Health and Human Services (HHS) appointee, Teresa Manning abruptly resigned Friday, which is a significant win for women everywhere. Manning is an anti-choice, anti-science, pro-religious perspective was the cause of profound concern among women’s rights organizations because she indeed had the capacity to devastate national programming for birth control and other reproductive services. Manning worked previously for the far-right, ultra-conservative Family Research Council and National Right to Life.

This video by the Young Turks pretty much tells America all it needs to know about Manning:

Under President Donald Trump, Teresa Manning –  despite her clear biases against women – was the Title X family planning director. There has been no speculation to date surrounding why Manning resigned in such a rapid and dramatic fashion and further why HHS is denying that she resigned in any strange way at all. Yet Dan Diamond of POLITICO reported that:


Yet HHS wrote:

‘HHS is very grateful for her service. Her departure after resignation was not unusual in any way.’

A resignation without reason only nine months after starting a job – especially such a high-level job with the potential to make national impactful decisions – is in fact highly unusual. Furthermore, the reports of her being escorted from the building is certainly unusual.

It seems however that her departure does not signify any larger change in departmental perspective, however. Valerie Huber, a prominent abstinence education advocate has allegedly been appointed to Manning’s position until a longer term solution can be decided upon. Huber worked as the chief of staff in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health since June.

The position in question is meant to oversee the Title X program which provides family-planning funding to struggling Americans and those without health insurance; this program serves roughly 4 million American people. It is extremely clear why their personal perspectives make them highly unsuitable for such a position. Manning identified during her lobbying work in 2003 that contraception “doesn’t work” and that she opposes the use of RU-486, also known as the morning after pill:

‘Its efficacy is very low, especially when you consider over years — which a lot of contraception health advocates want to start women in their adolescent years, when they’re extremely fertile, incidentally, and continue for 10, 20, 30 years. The prospect that contraception would always prevent the conception of a child is preposterous.’

Huber is sadly no better. She has said:

‘I bristle at the terminology ‘abstinence only,’ because our programs are so holistic…They contextualize a whole battery of different topics that surround a young person’s decision whether to have sex or not. Rather than someone telling a young person, ‘Do this, don’t do that,’ it’s casting a vision for a young person’s future.’

There is nothing to say in response to that but be exasperated, right? It isn’t hard to put two and two together and see that no doubt Vice President Mike Pence has had something to do with this.

In fact, many people on Twitter are speculating and have juicy pieces of additional information. Check that out here:

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