MLK Jr.’s Nephew Just Responded To Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment Like A Boss


Many people have been speaking out about Mr. Trump’s brutal racist comments during an Oval Office meeting on immigration Thursday. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox bravely told Trump that the real “sh*thole” is in his mouth, and Hillary Clinton went so far as to call him out by name, saying that on the 8-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, way more is to be expected of the president. Even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-MI) denounced Trump’s comments on Friday.

Now, Martin Luther King Jr’s nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., said on Friday:

‘I don’t think that President Trump is a racist in the traditional sense as we know in this country. I think President Trump is racially ignorant and racially uninformed. But I don’t think he is a racist in the traditional sense.’

According to CNN:

‘Trump, according to Farris Jr., addressed the controversy during their brief meeting in the Oval Office. He said that Trump and Carson, the lone African-American member of the Cabinet, were talking about the fallout from Thursday’s vulgar remarks when Trump turned to him and said, “I am not the person that the media is making me out to be.”‘
Farris Jr. was asked about how his uncle would have responded to Trump’s remarks. He said that MLK would have told Trump “not to refer to African countries like that.” Trump signed a proclamation during a White House event on Friday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Monday is officially Martin Luther King Jr. Day, marked in memory of the late civil rights activist and all that he stood for.
Trump still denies that he made comments referring to countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “sh*thole countries.” Like he has done before, he got on Twitter to blame the Democrats and make excuses instead:
People responded to Trump’s tweets, acknowledging that what he had to say was a load of hogwash:
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)  was appalled by Trump’s comments on Friday, which he witnessed firsthand, and confirms that it is indeed true. Durbin said:
‘I cannot believe in this history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday.’
Durbin said Trump’s remarks were “vile, hate-filled, and clearly racial in their content.” Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID), a senior House lawmaker, said:
‘The rhetoric just makes it more difficult, and that’s unfortunate. I don’t think it makes it impossible, but I suspect the Democrats are sitting there going, “Why would we want to compromise with him on anything?”‘
Durbin said:
‘We have seven day and the clock is ticking. Our bipartisan group continues to build support for the only deal in town.’
Durbin wants to call the bill to the Senate floor early next week. According to The Associated Press:
‘Trump took particular issue with the idea that people who’d fled to the U.S. after disasters hit their homes in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti would be allowed to stay as part of the deal, according to the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to publicly describe the discussion.’

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