Ted Lieu Just Reminded Trump Of His Immigrant Ancestry In The Funniest Way Ever


Donald Trump sure seems to dislike immigrants a whole lot. He disparages them nearly every day, and usually does his best to keep them from coming to this country…at least the brown ones he does. He doesn’t seem to take as firm a stance when it comes to people from predominantly white countries coming here. In fact he actually encourages that. (Remember his Norway comment.) But that might have something to do with how his family got here.

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One would think they’d have better looking hair considering who their grandfather was.

In order to keep from serving in the military in the Kingdom of Bavaria (a state in Germany), Donald Trump’s grandfather, Frederick Trump, packed up his belongings and came here instead. He arrived poor and with only one skill. Donald’s mother was born in Scotland and came here as an economic migrant. She only had about a seventh or eighth grade education and arrived here when she was 18 with $50 in her pocket. (An economic migrant is one who lives in an area with abysmal living conditions and moves to a new area in order to improve their lives).

Sunday Representative Ted Lieu (D-California) called out Donald Trump for the double standard he places on immigrants nowadays. Trump wants immigrants to come with money in the bank, an education and have a good skill that this country can take advantage of right off the bat.

Oh, and Trump also only wants immigrants from predominantly white countries. If the countries are filled with brown or black people, Trump calls these countries sh*thole countries and doesn’t want their people coming here.

As one can imagine Twitter users had a field day with Rep. Lieu’s tweet:

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