Paul Ryan Got Just Got Wrecked On Twitter After Phony #MLKDay Tweet Failed Big Time


Martin Luther King Day is meant to be a day to properly respect the legacy and perspectives of its namesake, but instead, Americans have to deal with a slew of messages from politicians who have no concept of what he stood for, speaking in apparent support.

Chiefly among these types of people is House Speaker and Republican Paul Ryan. Ryan has spent his entire career hellbent on crippling social security and community support programs and making lives profoundly more difficult for those who are not within the financial elite. Yet in commemoration of Martin Luther King, he posted this:


‘Today we remember a great man and his work. We read his sermons. We recall his sacrifices. We give back. In doing these things, we raise our gaze and renew the spirit in which we serve one another. Such is the calling of #MLKDay.’

Could that be any more staged? It’s revolting to look at, frankly. Does Paul Ryan really believe he has anyone fooled into believing he cares about working Americans and all those Martin Luther King sought to raise up in society? What does Paul Ryan even understand about the “views” of Martin Luther King? Clearly nothing, considering his own political perspectives. If such is the calling of MLK Day, does this mean he’s going to flip sides or resign?

Imagining Paul Ryan listening to a sermon of MLK and believing in any part of himself that he has done work which would be viewed as even remotely acceptable to King is jaw-dropping. These Republicans truly live outside of reality.

Thankfully, the people of Twitter were able to point all of that out to him in a way that almost makes the post worth enduring. CHECK some of the best out below:

Destroyed — that’s what just happened to Paul Ryan — he was destroyed, and rightfully so.

Featured Image via Getty Images.