BREAKING: Democrat Stuns America & Wins Seat Held By GOP For Decades


Republicans should have taken notice when a huge crowd of protesters surged to the nation’s capital the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Instead of winding down, the resistance against Republican leadership and its commitment to big business plus an errant president has gained momentum in remarkable ways. Never underestimate the power of women.

People are tired of the Republican agenda, and much to the politicians’ surprise, voters are doing something about it. Democrats took the Alabama senate seat for the first time in 25 years. Now, they are making progress by leaps and bounds.

Former state senator, David Atkins (D-KS), was disgusted with the politicians he found surrounding him. He said that if the time ever came that he did not feel he could vote his conscience, he would quit, and he did. This is what Atkins said:

‘Politicians think that people don’t care about politics. And if they do care, those policians believe voters are not smart enough to understand them.’

Politicians still have that mindset about voters, but voters do care, and they are taking action. Women are flooding into politics in unprecedented numbers in a blue tsunami.

Patty Schachtner ran in the conservative Wisconsin 10th Senate District and won. This could be the turning point for the state Democrats, after Republicans pushed them to near insignificance for seven years in both state legislative houses and the governor’s mansion.

The new representative is currently the St. Croix County medical examiner and also a school board member. Now, she has taken on a much bigger role.

Schachtner was a strong underdog when she entered the northwestern Wisconsin race. She ran against Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow, who had a powerful base and was already in his third term. The new representative said this after her win on Tuesday, CNBC reported:

‘People sent a message tonight: We don’t want to be negative anymore. Change it up. I ran a positive campaign. … My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down.’

Hillary Clinton lost the district by 17 points during the 2016 presidential race. President Barack Obama also lost the district in 2012 by six points.

District voters went for Donald Trump in huge numbers in 2016, so Schachtner’s win in this traditionally red Wisconsin district is remarkable. Democrats believe that this could be one of the first dominoes to fall, as they storm the government.

Even with the new Democratic Wisconsin senate seat, Republicans still maintain the power in Wisconsin state government. They will have an 18-14 majority plus one vacancy going into the fall campaign.

Schachtner believed her victory “certainly could be” a bad sign for Republicans throughout the state. Wisconsin Democratic Party chair Martha Laning agreed with that statement. She posted on her Facebook an enthusiastic message, “change is coming!!!”

Rep. Adam Jarchow sent his concession to Schachtner via Twitter after the returns in five Wisconsin counties showed Schachtner leading with over 1,600 votes.

Every county in her district voted for Trump in the presidential election in 2016, and it has trended red for years. Republican Sheila Harsdorf held the state senate seat for 16 years. The woman resigned when Republican Gov. Scott Walker asked her to become his agriculture secretary.

Democrats believe an anti-Trump backlash could even the playing field.

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