JUST IN: Trump’s 2nd Attempt At ‘Fake News Awards’ Released; He Is A Real Idiot (DETAILS)


Donald Trump has a big problem with the truth. He routinely puts information out there that is not based in reality. When the truth comes out, usually within minutes, Trump refuses to correct himself. Since he never apologizes, he must think it would be bad to correct himself. Instead of fixing what he’s done wrong, he often double downs on his lies and makes himself look even worse.

Well, today he finally came out with his “fake” news awards. Which is kind of funny coming from a man so many think is really a fake president.

Tops on the list of his “fake news awards” goes to the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. The day Trump got elected, Krugman wrote that our economy would never recover. Unfortunately, the day he wrote it, the Dow hit a record high. The really funny thing about today’s announcement was that whoever wrote it claimed that Trump won the election by a landslide. Now there’s some “fake” news for you. The only reason Trump got elected was because he somehow won three states by a total of just over 70,000 votes. That’s VERY far from a landslide.

Some of the other “winners” on the list were ABC News‘ Brian Ross, CNN, Time, The Washington Post, Newsweek and last but not least The New York Times. But here’s the thing about Trump’s list. In every case he cited as fake news, the reporter or media source issued a retraction and an apology. Mistakes can happen anywhere, at any time, and how one handles their mistakes says a lot about them. In journalism, the rules say that when one makes a mistake, a retraction and an apology must be issued. As honest, honorable media sources, that was what happened in all the cases Trump used in his “fake news awards.” Sadly, we’re all still waiting for Trump to say he’s sorry and correct himself for all the lies he’s told. After all, that’s what an honorable man would do. What we saw today was fake news from a fake president.

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Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/ Bloomberg