Tom Cotton Threatens To Call Police On Residents Like An Old Man On His Lawn


After Donald Trump’s first year in office, it has become evident that the GOP has found themselves in hot water numerous times as they attempt to handle the onslaught of controversy and concerns that are emerging from a Trump administration. Whether this has come in the form of the ongoing Trump and Russia investigation, promoting the repeal of Obamacare without a feasible or practical replacement option implemented, or an array of other troubling issues, the GOP has been on an all out defensive for the last few months. With the midterm elections coming up this year, it is apparent that the Republican lawmakers are stuck between appeasing their constituent base, and pushing forth their apparently detrimental agenda.

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One GOP lawmaker that has apparently been feeling the heat is Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. According to various reports, Cotton’s office has been dishing out cease-and-desist letters and threatening their constituents with legal action if they continue to contact the office with concerns and opinions regarding the senator’s position on varying issues.

Ozark Indivisible, an activist organization that has been pushing members of the Arkansas Congress caucus on issues surrounding immigration, health care, and others, claims to have received one of the cease-and-desist letters that was sent out by Cotton’s office. The letter states that:

‘This letter is immediate notification that all communication must cease and desist immediately with all offices of US Senator Tom Cotton.

All other contact will be deemed harassment and will be reported to the United States Capitol Police.

The Office of US Senator Tom Cotton.’

However, it has not only been the activist group that received such threatening letters. Rather, many ordinary voters in the state of Arkansas have simultaneously been issues statements that implied legal action would be taken against the constituents if they continued to express their opinions on the senator’s actions. The same voters claim that, whereas they received such threats from Cotton’s office, when reaching out to other lawmakers in the state, no such aggressive responses were received.

Unfortunately, this sort of action attempting to disregard constituents has seemingly become a pattern among many GOP lawmakers in recent months, as providing answers for supporting harmful policies has become a daunting and nearly impossible task. Last month, a local office in Maine for Senator Susan Collins decided to lock their doors in the midst of regular business hours, as activists lined up outside to protest against Collins voting in favor of the GOP tax bill. The constituents were forced to wait outside in 20-degree weather as a means of showing their distaste against the senator’s support of the bill.

With more and more GOP lawmakers coming under fire for supporting troubling policy options and disregarding the need of their constituents, it has become clear that the Trump presidency has damaged support for Republicans around the country. Many formerly red districts and states are now being considered battleground states for the upcoming midterm elections, as constituents are growing weary and concerned with their current representation in federal office.

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