JUST IN: U.S. Supreme Court Makes Surprise Friday Trump Travel Ban Announcement


The back and forth fight between the Trump administration and the courts on the constitutionality and legality of the Trump-travel ban may be nearing an end.

Originally, the Supreme Court had allowed the Trump administration to reinstate part of the travel ban at the end of 2017; however, the federal appeals court in San Francisco found that Trump had overstepped his authority. According to Reuters:

‘The appeals court ruled that Mr. Trump had exceeded the authority Congress had given him over immigration and had violated a part of the immigration laws barring discrimination in the issuance of visas.’

In their appeal to the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Noel Francisco remarked:

‘The courts below have overridden the president’s judgments on sensitive matters of national security and foreign relations, and severely restricted the ability of this and future presidents to protect the nation.’

Those against the travel ban have continually argued that Trump’s ban is unconstitutional as it is directed unfairly toward countries that have a majority of Muslim citizens. They point to Trump’s own comments during his presidential campaign regarding Muslims.

‘The president has repeatedly explained that the two orders pursue the same aim.’

However, the Trump team have denied the allegations of discrimination.

‘The proclamation’s process and substance confirm that its purpose was to achieve national security and foreign-policy goals, not to impose anti-Muslim bias.’

Arguments are planned for April, and the court estimates a ruling will come by June. Additionally, the Supreme Court has a docket loaded with major issues including “voting rights, union power, digital privacy and a clash between claims of religious freedom and gay rights.”

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.