Trump Refuses To Release Data To Public – Financial Impact Astronomically Dangerous


If you found a time machine, traveled back to any time between 2007 and 2013, and then (for some insane reason) you decided to go check and see what Donald Trump was complaining about, you would likely find a man with tiny hands holding onto a phone. He would be tweeting things like:

It’s good practice to take all accusations that Trump makes as an indication that he is actually doing what he is criticizing in others.

So let’s see how the numbers break down. Is Don-Don holding himself to the same standard he held Obama to?

Probably not. Trump is muddying the waters by refusing to release how much the American taxpayers are spending for security costs surrounding his trips. This results in Obama’s totals appearing higher, but only because the Obama administration was transparent and reported all costs. According to the conservative news organization, Judicial Watch:

‘The known travel costs for President Trump’s political and leisure travel is now $13,533,937.28.’

Remember, this is only a portion of the real total; Trump is refusing to report Secret Service costs, which have been so exorbitant that it nearly broke the Secret Service’s budget.

So, let’s take a quick look at how these presidents spent their time. A few quick facts:

  • Obama spent his first night away from the White House on March 18. Trump only made it to February 3 before he spent a weekend at Mar-a-Lago.
  • During their first overnight trips, Obama’s was spent in town halls and touring a green vehicle plant. Trump went to a ball (which was held at Mar-a-Lago). He had two entire days at Mar-a-Lago, and then made a pit stop to visit military commanders.
  • Obama only spent one other overnight away from the White House (excluding state visits and a global conference held in the U.S.). Trump has spent roughly 64 nights away from the W.H., at great expense to tax payers.
  • Fundraisers: Obama attended four in his first year; all were for other people. Trump attended six, several of which were fundraisers for… himself.

Reminder: Trump has spent 68 days at his own properties, funneling taxpayer dollars into his own pockets.

Featured image: AFP Contributor/Getty