Haitians Just Showed Up In NY To Raise Hell After Trump’s ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Remark


If there is one thing President Trump has become infamous for in his only one year in office, it’s his insensitive and biased attacks against nearly every minority group that exists within the country, whether this came in the form of his racist remarks towards Mexican citizens as being “rapists” or “criminals”, or blatantly commanding his supporters at his rallies to attack African-American protesters that came to advocate against his hateful policies.

One would think that upon assuming office, such rhetoric would dwindle, as the need to be more unifying in such a high-level office would demand a more neutral tone. However, as Trump has shown since his ventures into the political field, there is no limit to the surprises he has in store.

His most recent controversy came during a closed door meeting, wherein he referred to various impoverished countries as “sh*thole countries”, and asking why the United States accepts immigrants from these nations to begin with. One specific country that was mentioned among them was that of Haiti, which has been stricken with an array of natural disasters that left devastation in their wake. Yet, as activists have shown time and time again since Trump’s taking of power, such speech and ignorant remarks will not go unanswered.

Image by Getty Images
Image by Getty Images

On Friday, hundreds of Haitian natives and Haitian-Americans organized in front of Trump Tower in New York, protesting their distaste of the president’s hateful comments. Although Trump himself was not in New York during the time of the protest, the chants and slogans of these Haitian individuals was heard around the country. According to the New York Daily News,

‘Hundreds of Haitians marched from the Brooklyn Bridge to Trump Tower Friday in protest of the President’s derogatory comments about their homeland. Waving Haitian flags and dancing to the beat of drums and horns, the number of demonstrators multiplied as they streamed into Midtown.’

Trump’s latest comments not only infuriated the migrants from the countries in question, as well as lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, but also many members of his own party. Almost immediately after the news broke of what the president said, numerous GOP representatives spoke against the nature of his rhetoric, outlining that the things that came out of his mouth was not indicative of the American way.

Rep. Mia Love (R-U.T.), herself a Haitian-American, was outraged at the inability of the president to understand the circumstances and external forces at play, and the inherent struggles that such migrants have to deal with on a daily basis.

Those who were also involved in the meeting also mentioned Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who was reportedly seated close to the president in the meeting, as criticizing Trump immediately after the comments were made, fighting back against the uninformed remarks.

Trump continues to deny making the remarks, despite the fact that a wide array of individuals sitting in on the meeting, both Republican and Democrat, affirmed the accuracy of the distasteful comments. As Trump continues to marginalize minority groups in the country, it is evident that an even greater number of his own base are turning against him as well.

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