#TrumpShutdown Trending On Twitter & It’s Unanimous, Americans Are Furious (IMAGES)


Donald Trump seems to spend the majority of his media time bragging about how he’s the best at this or that. He has claimed that he has the best words, the best people, has gone to the best colleges, and is the only one who can make this country great again. He’s bragged that he’s a very stable genius, that he will be the greatest jobs president that God has ever created, that he sold the world’s greatest steaks, and that nobody builds better walls than he does.

Well Friday night he really did become the best at one thing. Twitter said that a hashtag in his honor was the top trending hashtag in the world. It was #TrumpShutdown and one has to wonder if he found some pleasure in it. After all it does include his name, and we all know how much he likes seeing his name in print, or on buildings. He may not even realize that #TrumpShutdown was a way for common folks to publicly blame him for shutting down the government.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between Monday and Thursday found that Republicans and Donald Trump would get the blame for any shutdown by 20 percentage points. The final tally was Republicans and Trump 48 percent to Democrats 28 percent. Those numbers could help to explain why #GOPshutdown was the second highest trending hashtag in the world. That hashtag and the fact that 48 percent of the people blame them for a shutdown should be very concerning for Republicans at any time, but especially in an election year. Considering the election is only ten months away, Republicans may want to start changing up their game plan now. Can you imagine how much more damage Trump can do to the party in ten months? If the Republicans continue down the path they’re on, there will most certainly be a big blue wave rolling in to ruin their party come November.

Twitter users sure had fun with their #TrumpShutdown posts.

Featured Image via Getty Images