Trump Just Issued Himself A Ridiculous Report Card In A Washington Examiner Op-Ed


Donald Trump often appears confused when he’s in public. His rambling way of talking sounds like he’s just saying a bunch of random words and hoping they end up making a sentence. When he talks, he can’t keep his mind on one subject for more than three full sentences. His thinking process is very disjointed. Read the transcript of one of his speeches below as an example and see if you can make any sense out of it.

With all that said, how in the world was Donald Trump able to keep his thoughts together long enough to write an opinion post to the Washington Examiner today? He must have had one of his speech writers sit down and do it for him, because as we all know, he sure can’t keep his thoughts together long enough to do it all by himself. Whoever wrote it for him must have believed everything they’ve heard him say about himself. Because reality sure doesn’t go along with all he’s claimed he’d done in the last year. He’s taking all the credit for the economy, the low unemployment rate, the rise of the stock market, and he claims that he’s made the American Dream real again.

What he fails to mention is that the economy was making strong gains under President Obama, unemployment was falling, and the stock market kept reaching record highs during his time in office too, but two years ago Trump claimed that the published unemployment rate (5.1%) was wrong. That unemployment rate was really between 20 and 42 percent. So how can Trump expect us to believe what he’s saying now? We have nearly the exact same economic conditions that we had two years ago. There’s only been 1 percentage drop in the unemployment rate, and the stock market continues to reach record highs, but here’s the difference in his mind…a Republican is in charge now. Sadly some of Trump’s supporters fall for this failed logic too. Basically no change in the economy, but now Republican sheep think it’s so much better than when President Obama had the helm.

He told people Trump couldn’t handle the job and he was correct.

There really is one big difference between 2015 and now though. Back in 2015 our government was operational, not shutdown like it is today. Trump’s mismanagement, his lack of negotiating skills, and his lies have led to a shuttered government. It sure would be nice if he’d write a letter to the newspapers explaining why he’s not able to negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag. Instead, he wrote one in which he makes himself out to be the best president we’ve ever had. Now there’s some fake news for you and he really should be ashamed about what he’s done to this country.

Perhaps feeling bad that he’s failed so miserably? January 19, 2018 in Washington, DC.

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