Trump’s Latest Approval Ratings Are In & The Poll Results Are Going To Flip Donald Out


Many people thought that Donald Trump would grow into the job of President of these United States. They believed that he would drop his campaign-style rhetoric and settle into the deep gravity of his job. Little did they know, he would do his best to rip the country in two.

A new poll found that Americans simply do not like the one-year-old president. The Washington Post-ABC News poll discovered that the majority of voters, 58 percent, disapprove of how well Trump is doing his job. Only 36 percent approved.

The poll was completed in the midst of the new spending bill argument among the legislators, which was responsible, in great part, for the government shutdown.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll was completed as the president ended his first year on the job. One of his best skills is supposed to be communication. He frequently lists his accomplishments, but the problem may be that he limits his message to his base alone.

This comes as a surprise, since the poll found that the same percent, 58, have a positive view of the country’s economy. In the past, a president’s likability was always in direct correlation to the economy, which reached the highest percentage in the past 17 years. A full 44 percent selected the word “good” as their descriptor of the economy. A remarkable 14 percent selected “excellent.” Many attribute the good economy to President Barack Obama.

On the down side, 40 percent’s viewed the economy as negative. A full 28 percent of those interviewed believed the economy was “not so good,” and 12 percent felt that it was “poor.”

The Washington Post-ABC poll was conducted January 15 through 18 with 1,005 voters across the nation. The margin of error was 3.5 percentage points.

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