GOP Files Suit To Remove Dems From Election Ballots – Next Step Is The Purge (DETAILS)


As the second year of Trump’s presidency is off to a just as rocky a start as his first, people on both sides of the aisle are starting to understand the consequences and concerns that come with an unstable and unfit leader. Despite going to great lengths to keep the reputation of their party stable and competitive in the upcoming midterm elections, the GOP has been unable to curb the radical rhetoric that Trump continues to spew.

As a result of this increasing detriment to the perception of Republican lawmakers throughout the country, positions in office that were previously and historically GOP favored are turning into battleground regions, as those who understand the impact of a Republican-majority government under the Trump regime are becoming more and more concerned. Seats in both the House and the Senate with a long track record of leaning predominantly in the red direction are being eyed by Democratic lawmakers as a means of regaining control of the federal government and establishing some extent of stability. Evidently, however, the GOP will continue fighting to the last straw, so as not to give up their majority advantage, even if it means attempting to remove Democratic candidates from ballots.

Specifically so, the GOP in Dallas County recently filed a lawsuit against potential Democratic candidates in their district, attempting to ban them from being represented on the primary elections ballot on March 6th. According to a report published by Dallas Morning News,

‘The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County late Friday, contends that Dallas County Democratic Party Chairman Carol Donovan didn’t sign the petitions of 128 Democratic Party candidates before sending them to the Texas Secretary of State’s office, as required by law.’

One of the lawyers working for the Republican party in Dallas County, Alvarez Bingham, stated that Donovan allegedly did not sign the petitions for candidacy of those in question, therefore disqualifying them from being able to partake in the elections. However, in responding to the suit and allegations against her, Donovan immediately claimed that the charge was just another antic by the Republican party to throw the elections and majority in their favor, and that the litigation was just another way to gain victories in the district.

Donovan further claimed the Dallas County GOP’s attempt to remove the candidates was not only in the self interests of their own party, but overtly disregarded the interests of Dallas voters. The chairman went on to criticize the GOP for playing “Trump-style politics,” trying to win through allegations and controversy as opposed to taking to the campaign trail and recruiting voters.

The Dallas County Democratic Party has since assembled a group of top legal experts and litigators in order to fight the case, and claims that the GOP’s allegations would not be upheld. As support for President Trump, and the GOP as a whole, continues to dwindle at a remarking pace, it is clear that Republican lawmakers are feeling the pressure to not only maintain majority, but any extent of competitive representation in this year’s midterm elections.

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