Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Just Exposed Social Security Numbers Of 945 Voters


During the 2016 presidential elections, then-candidate Donald Trump seemed to obsess over the fact that, if he did not emerge victorious after election night, then the only plausible explanation for his loss would have been fraud. On numerous occasions, even before Election Day itself, Trump incited hysteria and conspiracy into his supporters by tweeting that the only way he would lose, was if the Democrats were meddling with the outcome of the election.

After winning the election, widespread controversy erupted surrounding the legitimacy of the votes themselves, considering the fact that the popular vote still weighed in favor of candidate Hillary Clinton. In typical Trump form, the president’s ego was clearly damaged to find that his victory came solely as a result of the Electoral College, and was quick to try and prove that even the popular vote was in his favor. In doing so, Trump established a somewhat deceptive voter fraud commission to prove to the world, and maybe more so to himself, that people really did like him.

Yet, just as is the case with a majority of Trump’s initiatives, not only did the plan backfire, recent reports are now finding that the irresponsibility of one the commission’s heads has immensely threatened the safety and livelihood of hundreds of Americans around the country.

After obtaining a list of roughly 1,000 Kansas voters’ personal information to be checked for potential voter fraud through the Interstate Crosscheck Program, Kansas Secretary of State and vice chairman of the commission, Kris Kobach, sent a simple Excel spreadsheet via email to have the names and information verified. The email, which was sent to a public official in Florida for fraud verification purposes, failed to have any form of encryption or security measures, thus leaving the file open to cybersecurity crimes. That same email was then forwarded to a Kansas woman, who was able to obtain the document through a freedom of information records request.

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Anita Parsa, the woman who made the request, says that her initial reason for wanting the information was due to her concerns surrounding voter suppression issues, but after seeing the email, she became increasingly troubled about the lack of professionalism portrayed by Kobach. According to her comments to Think Progress, Parsa claimed:

‘I was shocked by what I received. It’s part of an overall careless approach that I feel like the Kansas Secretary of State’s office has used. Their protocol and their internal process for handling this puts people at risk.’

Despite Florida stating they will provide free credit checks to the nearly 1,000 people who were affected by this circumstance, the fact is that not much can inherently be done once social security numbers are attained by those with malicious intent. Although no such identity theft problems have yet to emerge from the data transfer, it is still too early to definitively state that none will occur.

Nevertheless, and fortunately for the American public, the commission has since been disbanded as a result of their irresponsible behavior, with those involved in the event being discredited for their lack of due diligence.

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