BREAKING: Mueller Secret Interview With James Comey Leaked; Trump Enters Panic Mode


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the U.S. presidential election keeps expanding. He just interviewed Attorney General Jeff Session last week. Now, news has come out that Mueller’s team has also investigated another key witness.

Mueller interviewed Donald Trump’s former FBI director, James Comey, too. The team questioned Sessions for several hours. Both interview were a part of Mueller’s investigation into the multi-layered Russian criminal involvement in the 2016 elections.

The special counsel’s primary question was: did Donald Trump obstruct justice after he became president? The interviews of these two men are a key component of Mueller’s investigation.┬áSessions appeared without the need for a subpoena.

Two sources reported that Mueller asked the former FBI director about the memos he wrote to himself immediately following his interactions with Trump.

Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed Sessions’ interview, but nothing further.

The Trump administration is still cooperating with the investigation. The president spoke to reporters about Mueller’s team, according to CNN:

‘No, I’m not at all concerned.’

The president also said that he and Sessions did not discuss the interview. The AG is the 15th person in the current and former Trump administration to have been through the interview process.

Former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, agreed to work with the Mueller investigation. Prosecutors will interview him, so that he does not have to appear before a grand jury.

Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation nearly a year ago, much to the alarm of Donald Trump. The president had thought that the AG would have his back during the investigation.

Mueller knows that Trump lobbied Sessions to not recuse himself, but the president was unsuccessful in his attempt to manipulate the investigation. The recusal meant the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein took over managing the investigation from the Justice Department.

After Trump fired Comey, Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel to the Russian investigation.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer.