Sarah Huckabee Blinks Strangely, Curls Lip, & Spews Aggressive Gibberish In Front Of Cameras


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a well-paid liar. Day after day, she takes to the White House Press Briefing Room to defend whatever ridiculous thing Trump has done most recently. She’s achieved infamy through her brazen willingness to state literally any absurdity with a straight face.

Today, Sanders faced tough questions regarding the Trump/Russia scandal and ongoing investigation. After tensely attempting to change the subject several times, she finally let reporters know how she really felt.

When questioned about Trump’s tweet regarding the lost FBI text messages, she told reporters exasperatedly, “You guys are obsessed with collusion!” Well, yeah, Sarah. Trump’s criminal behavior matters an awful lot, considering his occupancy of the Oval Office.

I think he thinks there is great cause for concern that five months worth of text messages have gone missing, particularly given the individual as part of that process has already been shown to be extremely biased against the president, and was involved it what seems to be some very inappropriate behavior, and that certainly is of great concern.

You guys are absolutely obsessed with everything to do with collusion, if it has anything to do with the president. We hope that you’ll take some of that same obsession, energy, and furor and direct it to some of the places it looks like there could have been some really inappropriate and possibly illegal behavior.

Here’s the video:

Trump’s tweet was referring to an FBI agent who had an affair with a lawyer who worked for the FBI. Texts between the two showed anti-Trump bias, so he was immediately fired from the Mueller investigation. It’s notable that it’s perfectly fine for citizens to hold personal beliefs—there has been absolutely no evidence of bias on the job or wrongdoing. He was fired to prevent it from even being remotely possible. Robert Mueller himself is a lifelong Republican. The texts that were lost, that Trump feels are so important, are five months of sexts as part of an affair.

Obviously the press is obsessed with collusion. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and although dozens of connections between Trump’s campaign and Russia have been reported, the “fire” in question is going to be private financial information that only official investigations will be able to acquire. These things take time, as does building and prosecuting a case. Manafort has still not even been tried, for example—this is far from over.

Not only that, but Trump gets dirtier by the day. There’s a good chance the payment he reportedly gave Stormy Daniels could have been illegal. The FBI texts only matter to right-wing press that has no goal other than to vindicate Trump. Sanders and conservatives care absolutely nothing for objective truth or justice. They have no motive beyond enabling Trump and his criminal behavior.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images