Native American Congressman Attacked By Armed Trump Supporters In Racist Rampage


It’s no secret that the rise of Donald Trump has inspired previously shy racists to become more vocal in their hatred. These people have targeted black members of Congress, issuing death threats.

According to KTLA, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-FL) received this threat, which was accompanied by several racial slurs:

‘If you continue to make threats toward the president, you’re going to wind up dead, Maxine, ’cause we’ll kill you.’

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) faced threats as well, as reported by WUSA:

‘He is an ignorant mother******, *******, I can’t stand that mother******. Saying that Neo-Nazi and white people are the problem. I am going to kill that mother******.’

The Houston Chronicle posted videos containing threats towards Rep. Al Green (D-TX):

WARNING: The threats in the recordings below are extremely NSFW, exceedingly violent, racially charged, and potentially very upsetting.

This escalation predates Trump’s inauguration. During Trump’s campaign, his supporters felt incredibly comfortable at his rallies. They loudly voiced their opinions:

WARNING: This video is uncensored and contains profanity as well as racial slurs. 

Some quotes from this video of Trump supporters:

Again, WARNING: These quotes are transcribed in full, with both profanities and slurs intact.

‘Build the wall! Build the wall! Fuck those dirty beaners! Build the wall’

‘Fuck Islam! God bless Donald Trump.’

‘Sieg heil.’

‘Fuck that nigger!’

‘Get out of here, you fag!’

‘Hillary is a whore!’

‘Bitch! Fuck you, Hillary! Tramp!’

‘Hang the bitch.’

‘Trump the bitch.’

‘Kill her.’

His supporters even went on camera and defended the institution of slavery:

Even before Trump was taken seriously as a candidate, ultra-right-wing conservatives were birthing a movement of hatred. The catalyst for this previous explosion of racist sentiments closely followed the election of Barak Obama to the presidency.

The Tea Party rallies of 2009 fostered an atmosphere of explicit racism:

Trump himself has echoed this obsession with genes and bloodlines:

In fact, Donald Trump has a very sordid history of racism. One especially outrageous example comes from  biographical book that Trump was interviewed for. He stated:

‘I think the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is. I believe that.’

Racist anti-immigrant sentiments have reached a level that would once have been impossible to believe was not a parody. At first glance, the Trump supporters at this event would appear to be indulging in the usual anti-immigrant hatred, which focuses on people Hispanic and Latino descent. Even though this behavior is now routine in Trump’s America, the impact of the actual actions and statements of these Trump supporters is still jarring.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported from the scene of a pro-Trump/anti-immigration reform protest on the grounds of the Capitol in Phoenix:

‘Lisette Flores and Selianna Robles said they were yelled at when they walked from the Senate to the House lawn, directly passing the Trump supporters, to get lunch at a farmers market. Three white coworkers offered to escort [them] back to their offices.

‘Robles said, “We’re walking back, and they start yelling again, ‘Get out of the country.’ At that point, they pointed to Lisette, called her an illegal, and said, ‘Get out, go back home!’” Robles said. “But they pointed at Jane (Ahern), who works for the House, and they said, ‘No, you can stay.” Ahern is white.’

Although the pro-Trump protestors denied singling people out, they claimed that they are simply:

‘…against illegal immigration and don’t believe the activists, who they alleged are undocumented, have the right to lobby state legislators.’

Video evidence shows many instances of the pro-Trump faction:

‘In denying the allegations, Caminiti-Harrison and Antone countered that their group was harassed by the LUCHA activists. In a live stream of the protest uploaded to Facebook by Antone, a LUCHA member could be heard telling a black Trump supporter, “You’re gonna be the first to get lynched.”’

Trump supporters could be heard saying:

‘Those guys are illegal … They do not have any rights here. It is not their time. This is our time. Our nation. Our laws. Our streets.’

The next target of these anti-immigration protesters was an ironic choice. State Rep. Eric Descheenie (D-Chinle) was accosted by the protesters, likely because of his darker-than-white complexion. They demanded to know if he was in the country illegally. Ironically, Rep. Descheenie is Navajo, and has ancestry in the area that goes further back than any of the protestors present. When asked for comment about the incident, he said:

‘”I’m indigenous to these lands. My ancestors fought and died on these lands.” I just told them, “Don’t ask me that question.”‘

The irony is likely lost on the Trump supporters that yelled at an indigenous person to:

‘Get out of the country! Get out, go back home.’

As ridiculous as this is, the blind fervor of these protesters points to a dangerous trend. Following the lead of their savior Trump, they have abandoned calm and rational discourse. Significantly, the brunt of this frustration is aimed at people, not ideas.  The assumption that anyone with a different skin tone is an illegal immigrant points to the cause of this hatred being based not in genuine concern for border security, but in deeply rooted tribalism.

Featured image:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty