Trump Tells The Truth About His Views On Women For Once, Leaves America Shocked


By now, the world is used to Mr. Trump going on ridiculous Twitter rants about “fake news,” when in fact he tends to create his own fake news. People are used to Trump bragging on himself even if it means he has to create absurd lies and get people to believe them. Now, it appears that he may be actually telling the truth about something.

In an interview, which will air with Piers Morgan on Sunday night, Trump declared that he is a not a feminist. This really isn’t shocking considering his previous personal and policy actions towards women. Apparently, too, he doesn’t even know the definition of a feminist. He says he is “for everyone.”

Piers Morgan tweeted this teaser about the upcoming interview:

Thank you, Trump, for clearing that up for everyone, as if it wasn’t already crystal clear after your “grab ’em by the p*ssy” comments, numerous sexual assault allegations, and now shenanigans with a porn star¬†while married to Melania that have recently come to light. Also, not to mention your disastrous policy decisions that have been detrimental to women.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Trump’s comments:

Featured image by Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images