Fox News Host Searches Wooded Area For Hillary Like A Drug-Addicted Weirdo (VIDEO)


What is with Donald Trump’s and Fox News’ obsession with his former presidential campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton? Other losing candidates tend to fall by the wayside as they go about the rest of their lives after the presidential race. Maybe, this all started when Trump, acting like a banana republic dictator, threatened to have his opponent thrown into jail on live television.

When the two candidates were at their final debate, Trump issued his bizarre threat against the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady. According to CNN, he said:

‘If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your (missing email) situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country. Because you’d be in jail.’

People tittered nervously at what 45 said, because few believed what Trump said, and they (and Trump) did not expect him to win the election. CNN reported that Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, never thought Trump would get the chance:

‘Fortunately, he’s not in charge of the laws of the country and never will be. Donald Trump is channeling the frustration of a lot of Americans he hears from (his base a) different set of rules for this woman, as goes her emails.’

Unfortunately, Podesta was wrong. Trump needs to have an arch-enemy in his daily dramas, not to mention that Clinton serves his need for a distraction on a regular basis. Fox News trots right behind the president as his mobile echo chamber.

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro decided to take a Hillary Clinton road trip up to Chappaqua, New York where the Clintons live, even though New York State Police troopers caught her driving 119 miles an hour last year. She was near her hometown of Elmira, New York at the time, and the judge was supposed to address her speeding charge. So far, Pirro has not responded to the court with her plea.

Pirro is a former prosecutor, judge, and Republican politician. Before Pirro hosted Justice With Judge Jeanine on Fox News, she hosted Judge Jeanine Pirro on CW, which was cancelled six years ago. She was the Westchester District Attorney (DA) from 1993 to 2005. The judge has also been a big Trump supporter and one of his confidants.

In a glaringly absurd drama, she headed for the woods outside of the little town, where Clinton said she takes her walks.  Hillary Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton moved to Chappaqua in the late 1990’s. She often hikes in the nearby woods, especially after her loss to Trump.

Pirro promoted her trip to the former secretary of state’s stomping groups in a tweet that said:

‘So here I am in front of the woods in Chappaqua looking for Hillary. Do you think I’ll find her? Do you think she’s anywhere around?’

Over two million people saw Pirro’s tweet, hawking her upcoming trip.

The Fox News show host stopped in Chappaqua at a dry cleaner, nail salon, pizza shop, and a bookstore in search of the former first lady, The Chappaqua Daily Voice reported that Pirro said:

‘OK, so I spoke to some people in Chappaqua, now I’m still looking for Hillary so I’m off to the woods.’

Then the drama queen stood in the woods calling out Clinton’s name.

Pirro has called for Clinton to be thrown in jail, too, after news surfaced that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped finance the infamous dossier allegedly linking Trump to Russia. On her Chappaqua trip, the judge asked:

‘Do you think she’s home writing another book? Or maybe she’s still reading What Happened? because she can’t figure out what happened?’

Check out this video of Pirro’s trip:

On “Street Justice,” @JudgeJeanine visits @HillaryClinton‘s hometown to check in on the 2016 presidential candidate.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Vivien Killilea.