Trump Whines About Royal Wedding Snub Like The Smelly Kid In Class & It’s SAD!


It has become widely understood in the global community that President Donald Trump is not very well-liked. With protests erupting everywhere he goes, and lawmakers around the world showing opposition to his presence in their countries, Trump has made a fairly negative name for himself.

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In a more recent portrayal of the negative sentiment against the president, Trump answered the question of whether he was invited to the Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Windsor Castle. When asked on his Piers Morgan interview whether he had received an invitation to the wedding, Trump replied with a resounding “Not that I know of.” According to a Sky News report,

‘When asked if he would like to go to the Royal wedding in May at Windsor Castle, Mr. Trump would only say: “I want them to be happy. I really want them to be happy. They look like a lovely couple.” And when Morgan said Ms. Markle had called him “divisive” and a “mysoginist”, Mr. Trump responded: “Well, I still hope they’re happy.”‘

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For some time now, Markle has been an outspoken critic of President Trump, going as far as saying as she would leave the United States if Trump was the winner of the 2016 elections. Markle has long been an advocate for women’s rights and equal treatment for all, backing Hillary Clinton in the previous presidential race, and has not shied away from her continued disdain of the current administration, which can especially be seen in the decision to not invite Trump.

Interestingly enough, the president held back his often aggressive and over the line comments, with some speculating that he may still be trying to receive that unlikely invitation to the wedding. Not only has Trump had a difficult relationship with the royal couple, but more so with the United Kingdom as a whole. In November of last year, Trump retweeted a post from an extremist conservative group in London, which is infamous for their anti-Muslim propaganda and rhetoric. Upon retweeting the group’s posts, a London council immediately took action against the racially-insensitive actions of Trump, filing a motion in an attempt to convince the United Kingdom’s government to revoke a state invitation to the U.S. president.

Trump further utilized the Brexit decision to leave the European Union to bolster his detrimental immigration agenda, claiming that he was unsurprised at the outcome of the referendum, and that clearly the British citizens did not want an influx of migrants from other countries. Despite the fact that the reality of the issue was far broader than the simple immigration issues that Trump attempted to imply, it provides insight into Markle’s aforementioned divisive nature that the president so boldly portrays.

As the president’s own base of supporters continues to be on the decline, it becomes clear that his fiery and insensitive remarks are not only heard by opponents of his within the United States, but are echoed in far louder terms when looking at his reputation abroad. If Trump continues his failing rhetoric, it is inevitable that his global base will dwindle even further.

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