BREAKING: Minutes Before SOTU Address Trump’Mistress’ Makes Major Public Announcement


One thing that has become fairly clear over the last year of Donald Trump’s presidency, is that he and his administration are no strangers to odd and baffling controversies. Whether this comes in the form of his outrageous policies and agenda, or the often ill-advised and contradictory tweets he posts on a near-daily basis, it is clear that Trump’s controversy follows him everywhere he goes.

Among the more recent issues that has cast a detrimental shadow on the president is that of the discovery surrounding his sexual relations with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Earlier this month, a Wall Street Journal report found that a personal lawyer for Trump had arranged a hush-money payment to Daniels to the tune of roughly $130,000, in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement promising not to bring up the alleged affair that occurred in 2006. Since the emergence of the report, the lawyer, Michael Cohen, along with White House press officials, have categorically denied the claims that were made in the aforementioned article.

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Daniels, who had remained fairly quiet regarding the situation in the last weeks, recently issued a statement claiming that no such sexual interactions happened between her and the president. Despite the fact that Daniels has since provided this public statement, it contradicts many previous interviews wherein she described in detail the interactions between her and the now president. Given the context of the alleged agreement between Daniels and the Trump organization, the potential of denying the affair may simply be an attempt to remain within the confines of the arrangement.

According to a Los Angeles Times article,

‘In a 2011 interview with In Touch Weekly that was published this month after the Wall Street Journal disclosed the payment of hush money, Daniels said she had sex with Trump in 2007, months after his wife Melania gave birth to their son Barron.

Daniels, in the In Touch transcript, and Zervos, in court documents, each said that Trump invited them to dinner, asked them to meet at his hotel room, ordered room service rather than going to a restaurant and tried to initiate sex in the room. Daniels said they had sex and provided graphic details to In Touch’

Summer Zervos, mentioned in the above quote, has sued Trump for making non-consensual sexual advances on her, filing her charges just a few weeks before Trump was elected. Again, both Trump and the White House have claimed that such allegations from both Zervos and Daniels are complete fabrications.

Daniels has issued the statement just hours before the president’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, which may or may not be a simple and convenient coincidence. The adult actress is set to give a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show following the president’s Address, supposedly to answer questions regarding the recent discoveries. For Daniels to wait to provide the statement until hours before the major speech is especially confusing, and due to the alleged acceptance of the hush money, may not provide the answers that many are looking for when she appears on Kimmel’s show.

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