Melania Makes Not-So-Subtle Anti-Donald Jab With SOTU Wardrobe Decision & Goes Viral


After keeping a low-profile over the last couple weeks as a result of the alleged sexual affair between President Trump and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, First Lady Melania Trump reappeared in the public sphere for tonight’s State of the Union Address. She arrived at the event in a separate car than the president, likely still furious over the infidelity of her husband.

Despite those surrounding her wearing more traditional, darker-colored clothing, Mrs. Trump dawned an all-white pantsuit, starkly standing out from the others. As people began noticing her wardrobe, it became clear that, all things considered, the color decision may have been quite intentional.

White has long been the primary color associated to the women’s suffrage movement, and has recently taken on a new meaning with the prevalence of sexual harassment and abuse cases that have arisen in past months. In doing so, white has become increasingly symbolic of the viral #MeToo movement, which has served as a platform for women to find strength and raise their voices in regards to their run-ins with harassment-related issues.

The first lady’s decision to wear in entirely all-white pantsuit has gone viral on social media, with users claiming that the deliberate decision was her way of speaking out against the negative treatment received by her husband. Especially due to the fact that the president’s address was the first time she appeared prominently in public in recent weeks, it is perhaps no coincidence that she made such a bold and explicit statement.

Featured Image by Getty Images