Ousted Trump Aide Called Back To Testify Before Congress, He’s Not Getting Out Of This


Donald Trump likes to brag about his business prowess. He tells anyone who will listen that he’s a great businessman, that he’s a hard worker, and how he only hires the best people. But anyone with any common sense knows that the very stable genius is full of hot air. Judging by all of his bankruptcies and the number of his companies that have failed miserably, most of us can see that he’s really a failed businessman.

As far as being a hard worker goes we can see that he doesn’t fit that bill either. He spends the majority of his workday in “Executive Time,” which means that he’s watching TV or playing with his phone. Hiring only the best people? The number of inept people he’s hired is astounding.

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

One of those hires, Steve Bannon, has been called back to the testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee this Wednesday. He was there to testify two weeks ago, but he had refused to answer a lot of the committee’s questions. Doing a little justice obstructing himself, Bannon played the “executive privilege” card so he wouldn’t have to be honest about what he had either said, done, or witnessed while working for the transition team before Trump’s inauguration, or while working at the White House afterward.

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It has been widely reported that Bannon’s attorney relayed to the White House all the questions that the committee asked of Bannon, so they could tell him whether to answer or not them. It was also reported that Donald Trump told Bannon to limit his testimony during the questioning. One thing is sure though, the Trump administration is so dirty that nearly all of them have no problem obstructing justice in order to keep Trump in power. If anyone from the Obama administration had done anything close to what the Trump administration has done, Congressional Republicans would have voted to impeach him as quickly as possible. Republican voters would have been calling for something much worse than impeachment. Their hypocrisy is mind boggling.

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