Trump Divorce Lawyer Makes Public Announcement That Could Ruin Donald’s Life (DETAILS)


The tell-all book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House set the political news world on fire. Revelations about Trump’s incompetence, the leaks inside his own staff that Trump publicly blamed on anyone he saw as the enemy, and alleged affairs revealed far more than Trump or any of his staff ever dreamed of, and even got Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, fired from his job at Breitbart.

Now, a new tell-all book may have Trump even more nervous. The lawyer who represented him during both his very public and nasty divorces is planning to publish his memoirs, and the attorney, Jay Goldberg, says he “felt prompted at this stage of his life to tell [the] stories, to share them.”

Trump and Goldberg have reportedly been very close, and Goldberg even showed The New York Times a letter he had received from the president in which Trump told him that “there has never been a lawyer more important to me than you.” A representative for Goldberg told Page Six that:

‘They were very close and he represented him for not only his divorces, but many of his real estate deals. And [Trump] even stayed at Jay’s home and they shared breakfast together.’

Goldberg says that he will not be revealing anything that would violate attorney/client privilege and that he doesn’t intend to paint Trump in a negative light, but stories from inside the courtroom of Trump’s divorces, and particularly his divorce from Ivana Trump, cannot exactly be flattering to the president.

‘Goldberg — who, we’re told, tells “all the inside stories behind the trials” in the memoir — worked on Trump’s famous knockdown-drag-out battle with first wife Ivana, in which Trump tried to take back $10 million of the 1992 divorce settlement after Ivana trashed him in the press.’

Goldberg says that the book will “reflect the true character [of Donald Trump].”

Featured image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm