Melania’s Face When Trump Entered SOTU Chamber Caught On Video & It’s Awesome


The president’s remarks at the State of the Union tonight were all but reassuring. Despite his claim that the state of our union is strong, the comments made throughout the speech clearly indicated otherwise. Yet, amidst the divisiveness and detriment spewed by Trump during his address, there was one person who seemingly made a much louder statement than the president, and stole the show for the night.

First Lady Melania Trump made her first public appearance in weeks, after maintaining a low profile since earlier this month, when reports about her husband’s affair with adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, emerged. In breaking decades of history, and for evident reasons, Mrs. Trump decided against traveling with the president to the address, instead arriving on Capitol Hill separately and alone.

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The first lady also went viral almost immediately after arriving, as social media users took note of her decision to wear an all-white pantsuit, a color that has recently become synonymous with the #MeToo movement, and a wardrobe that echoes the dress of choice for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Upon arriving in the chambers, Melania greeted attendees and guests with smiles and laughter. However, it seemed as if these smiles disappeared as soon as Trump entered the room. Footage shows the first lady looking intensely stern and clearly unhappy, seemingly forcing herself to stand and clap for her husband.

Melania Trump has maintained hidden from the public sphere since news of her husband’s affair broke, going as far as canceling her trip to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum with the president, and instead taking a trip to Mar-a-Lago. According to the New York Times, “The reports of a payoff blindsided the first lady, who was furious with her husband, according to two people close to the couple.”

The first lady’s appearance in the public sphere after weeks of absence, sheds light on the increasing concerns so many have had with the Trump administration thus far. Her likely deliberate decision to dawn an all-white pantsuit, arrive to the address by herself, and facial expressions during her husband’s speech, mirrors the activism that has emerged around the country against Trump’s hateful policies and behaviors.

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