Trump SOTU Poll Released & The Results Have Donald’s White House In Full Upheaval


On Tuesday night, Mr. Trump gave his first State of the Union address since he has been sworn into office. Throughout the speech, Trump touted the economy, immigration policies, rising wages, and the energy sector. However, many of his claims were quickly debunked by fact checkers.

On Wednesday morning, CNN came out with a new poll┬áconducted by SSRS Acshowing that Trump’s speech got the least positive reaction of any president in the last 20 years. Close to half of Americans (48 percent) who watched the president’s State of the Union address had a “very positive” reaction to the speech. This number is down from 57 percent in comparison to former President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address.

According to CNN:

‘Some important caveats: This survey reflects the views of only those who watched the speech, not of all Americans. The poll was conducted among a group of Americans who said in prior interviews that they planned to watch the speech and were willing to be contacted after its conclusion.’

People who watch political speeches also tend to tend to be more supportive of the president or speaker than the rest of the population. CNN pointed out that in this sample, participants were about seven percent more Republican than the American population as a whole.

CNN reported:

‘A narrow majority of viewers, 54%, says it thinks Trump has the right priorities, down from 63% from a similar poll after his speech last year to a joint session of Congress. Not quite half, 45%, say he hasn’t paid attention to the country’s most important problems.’

Featured image by Win McNamee/Pool via Bloomberg via Getty Images