State Rep Busted Playing Candy Crush During Trump’s SOTU & We Have The Photo


Despite all the controversy that has come with the Trump presidency over the last year, Donald Trump’s repetitive nature and constant self-gloating has become commonplace in nearly all of his speeches and remarks. His primary points of focus tend to revolve around an economy that is seemingly booming due to his policies, unemployment rates, building a wall, and how he is single-handedly making America great again. All of this self-promotion can become tiring and, frankly, boring, for many who know his rhetoric all too well.

The State of the Union Address given by Trump earlier this week was no different from his previous speeches. His remarks can be summed up in just a few points, including the failure to address meaningful policy reforms, advocating for American citizens being more important than DACA recipients, and the positive impact that his tax plan will have in bringing corporations back to America, forgoing the reality of detrimental pressures that will be placed on middle-class families as a result of the bill. Nevertheless, his address echoed the often heard narrative that the Trump administration has tried so hard to push forward, leaving some lawmakers in the chamber bored and inattentive.

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Photos emerged on Thursday of just how bored some representatives in the audience had become as a result of the repeated remarks, leading one congresswoman to resort to playing games to pass the time. According to an article from New York Daily News,

‘As President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday, a Democratic congresswoman in the crowd focused on the state of her Candy Crush score. A photo reveals that Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-M.I.) kept her thumbs busy playing the popular puzzle game on her iPhone at 9:42 p.m. Trump had more than half of his 80-minute speech left at that point.’

Lawrence’s boredom and rightful disregard of the president’s address was mirrored by two of her colleagues that were seated beside her. The photo which depicts Lawrence playing Candy Crush simultaneously shows two other Democratic representatives, Rep. Bonnie Watson (D-N.J.) and Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-O.H.), keeping themselves entertained and distracted with their smartphones. The timing of the picture coincided with President Trump’s remarks about policies of international trade, and his proposed plans to increase and promote legislation of free trade that would be fair and equal for Americans, an issue that he has had much to say about.

All three of the Democratic representatives pictured in the image are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and given the divisive and constantly racially insensitive nature of Trump’s comments, were justifiably keeping themselves from having to listen to another degrading rant about how the administration is a staunch promoter of equality.

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During the president’s address, Democratic lawmakers sat grouped with one another in the chamber, making their intentions known as they refused to stand or clap when Trump would mention the passing of economic legislation and touting his own fabricated accomplishments. Although Lawrence’s office has yet to comment on the emerging photo, nobody can blame the representative for focusing on her own game, while the president is playing his own game against the entire nation.

Featured Image by Detroit News via Twitter