Tomi Lahren Attacks Kennedy, Regrets It In Seconds, Issues Pathetic Apology Like A Loser


With the rise in popularity of Trump’s insensitive and extremist rhetoric has also come an increase of young, fanatic, and essentially uninformed media figures that make outrageous statements for the sole purpose of getting attention. Not only are they uninformed on the processes of government, they lack the ability to provide context, and add zero meaningful insight to the conversation at hand. One of the more popular of these figures has been Tomi Lahren, a Fox News contributor who has stirred her fair share of controversy.

During Joe Kennedy’s response to the State of the Union Address, Lahren launched another one of her irrelevant and insensitive attacks, depicting her clear and apparent lack of respect. Lahren posted two separate stories on her Instagram account, the first calling Kennedy a “nasty little ginger,” and the second saying “that little limp dick.” On Tuesday, prior to Kennedy’s remarks, Lahren again made insensitive and out-of-line remarks, likening the representative to transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner.

Although she has since apologized for making the insensitive remarks, it does not shadow the fact that Lahren holds little-to-no credibility in politics, and shows that her lack of experience is dumbfounding. Apologizing for attacking celebrities or influencers is one thing, but launching unnecessary and incendiary comments towards a respected public official is something entirely different.

Tomi Lahren has shown not only her complete disregard for having a filter, much like the president she looks up to so dearly, and as a result has gained popularity due to her divisive statements. On a Fox News segment during Sean Hannity’s show earlier in January, Lahren accused liberals and the “fake news media” of wanting Trump to die.

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Lahren takes her illogical claims to a far greater degree on nearly a daily basis, blaming liberal ideals and Democrats for outrageous things that have nothing to do with the political sphere. In referring to the dangerous viral Tide Pod challenge which has led to children ingesting the detergent packets, the 24-year-old Lahren states that,

‘”The Left, which dictates popular culture, brainwashes young people into believing they live in a world where 64 gender options are up for selection, everything is free, Beyonce is a god-queen and eating detergent is funny,” Lahren said in a video for Fox News Insider.’

Her statements, as shown in just one example above, have no constructive intent or inherent legitimacy, but rather a simple desire to stir up conflict and controversy. To claim that young people are brainwashed by liberal media to consume Tide detergent is outrageous to say the least, and pitiful at best.

Not only does Lahren fail to provide any meaningful insight into a political conversation, her sole purpose of being a media figure is evidently engulfed in her need for attention, demonizing the liberal media and Democrats in an attempt to do so. The popularity and notoriety she has gained in the last year has had little, if anything, to do with political analysis, but rather a young woman reaching for her 15 minutes of fame.

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