Trump Attacks Dems On Twitter During Late Night Psycho Rant Like A Bored Lunatic


In yet another infamous attempt to deflect any obligations and responsibility, President Trump took to Twitter Thursday night to complain about the supposed inaction of congressional Democrats in calling him to talk about immigration policy. With the February 8th deadline quickly approaching, and the government at risk of yet another shutdown, Trump has started launching his attacks at Democrats, failing to understand that it is his own party that committed to finding an agreeable, bipartisan policy that will protect DACA recipients.

The childish nature of the recent tweet critique is laughable at best, and troubling at worst. The administration has done little in the way of finding a solution that would appease both parties. Rather, Democrats and Republicans are far from reaching the an agreement, considering that Trump and the GOP remain determined to gain partial funding for the administration’s border wall, a financial burden that the president promised would be paid by the Mexican government.

Although the DACA program is a critical priority for the comprehensive government funding agreement, the issue stems further into the administration’s immigration policy as a whole, as Trump and his colleagues attempt to reshape and restrict immigration in all forms, even when it is legal. This includes the elimination of the lottery visa program, as well as curtailing opportunity for migrant families, both of which are primary factors in the broader American immigration system.

With Trump continuing to levy all the blame against Democrats for not working hard enough to find a legitimate agreement, the fact of the matter is that his own party holds equal responsibility to consent various wants and needs to find a bipartisan solution. Without being able to do so, the government will, yet again, enter a shutdown process, which may be more prolonged than the previous as Democrats show unwavering support to protect and provide for current and future immigrants.

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