BREAKING: CNN Releases Evidence Trump Funneling Taxpayer Money To Personal Business


Although The Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. received scathing reviews on Yelp after Trump called Haiti, El Salvador, and some African nations “shithole countries,” and even had the word “Shithole” projected onto it, it seems that Trump’s beloved business is continuing to rake in the profits.

Now, there is some evidence that plenty of government spending has been happening in relation to the president’s hotel. According to CNN:

‘An employee for the federal agency supervising the lease for the Trump hotel in Washington spent more than $900 for a stay there last year, according to a document reviewed by CNN — the first publicly known movement of federal dollars into the highly scrutinized business.’

It has been said that the federal employee worked for the Government Services Agency. The GSA supervises the lease of the Old Post Office building to the Trump Organization. CNN reported:

‘The GSA reimbursed the employee for a majority of the charges, which was in line with the agency’s policy on per diem expenses, according to a person familiar with the document. That means taxpayer dollars made their way into the hotel’s coffers.’

Even though the expenses are small in relation to the hotel’s revenue, it is a strong example of how taxpayer money is flowing into Trump’s businesses, which can easily be regarded as corruption. Many ethics critics would argue that a president should not profit from government money regardless of the amount.

According to CNN:

‘CNN reviewed government travel expense records from the GSA, which were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by a government transparency group called Property of the People, a Washington-based nonprofit.

‘The GSA reports show one charge last February for over $900, which accounts for the bulk of the expenses at the hotel itself. The document also shows a GSA employee spending $750 at the property’s premier steakhouse BLT Prime on June 26, and while there is a financial arrangement between BLT and the hotel, the former is not owned by the Trump Organization.’