Paul Ryan Tweets Then Deletes Career-Altering Message; We Got A ScreenShot First


Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Twitter feed is almost completely removed from the rest of Twitter today. He has not once mentioned his support of Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) memo release, although he was intimately involved in approving it. He also did not repeat his statement in support of the FBI and Deputy Attorney General.

Instead, he’s an outlier. Focused not on the Nunes memo fiasco, but on the effects of the recently passed tax reform bill, Ryan’s feed reflects his priorities.

Touted as a “middle class tax cut”, the recent legislation pushed by congressional Republicans and signed by President Trump is in reality most beneficial to top earners.

The tax cut slashed the corporate tax rate to 21 percent (from 35 percent). This cut is permanent. Individual rates were also lowered temporarily, until 2025. According to analysis:

‘Among individuals, it would help higher-income families the most. The Tax Foundation said those in the 95-99 percent range would receive a 2.2 percent increase in after-tax income.  Those in the 20-80 percent income range would receive a 1.7 percent increase.’

How many Americans will this help?

‘The increase in the standard deduction would benefit 6 million taxpayers. That’s 47.5 percent of all tax filers, according to Evercore ISI. But for many income brackets, that won’t offset lost deductions.’

But looking only at Paul Ryan’s Twitter feed, you might think that this tax plan was created especially to help the working class.

In a quickly-deleted tweet, Ryan tried to further the impression that this tax cut was developed mainly for the working class:

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Twitter was not in the mood for this.

Featured image:  Mark Wilson/Getty