Nikki Haley Tweets About Justin Timberlake Like A Weirdo In Phony Super Bowl Message


This Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots faced off in this year’s Super Bowl, with the game staying close well into the fourth quarter.

In between the halves, longtime star Justin Timberlake performed for the game’s viewers, appearing at the game years after one of his infamous earlier appearances at the game, at which time he was involved in an infamous wardrobe malfunction on the part of co-performer Janet Jackson.

In the months leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, the members of the Trump administration, as led by the president, have helped turn the NFL into more of a contentious item than you might expect a football league to be.

Trump made a public push in support of those opposed to the practice of a smattering of players to take a knee during the national anthem in support of African Americans.

After this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, one of the political officials in the Trump administration took to Twitter to comment on the occasion, although the comments weren’t explicitly political in nature.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley wrote on Twitter:

‘To say @jtimberlake is talented is an understatement. Halftime show was awesome!’

Ironically, Haley has weighed in on a major pop culture events in the recent past with a slightly different tone to her remarks.

She criticized a comedic sketch aired during the recent Grammy Awards slanted against her boss.

Check out Twitter’s response to Haley’s latest commentary below.

Featured Image via Chris Kleponis-Pool/ Getty Images