The President Just Issued An Attack On Congress The Likes Of Which We’ve Never Seen


Donald Trump’s ability to deflect facts and disregard his own shortcomings has likely been a primary reason why he has been successful in his business ventures. Unfortunately for Trump, however, those same tactics are practically useless in the office of the president, as the whole world watches and recounts the statements that are made.

In a speech on Monday, the Twitter post below by CBS shows the president shifting blame from his own divisive policies, and placing it, yet again, upon the backs of the Democrats. While recounting his State of the Union address, Trump claims that the lack of enthusiasm and applause from the Democrats side was “like death”, “un-American”, and ventured so far as to agree that it may have been treasonous.

Yet, perhaps one should question whether Trump himself understands what the concept and word “treasonous” truly means, as his first year in office has been a blatant definition of possible treason. Attempting to deport immigrants and effectively shutdown the American immigration policy, in and of itself, is a core attack on the nation’s values, and under his terms, could be considered treason. Or perhaps his disregard of minorities and foul language against struggling groups in the country is also an attack on American values, which one can chalk up to treason.

However, nothing screams treason more in the president’s first year than the ongoing discoveries found by special counsel Robert Mueller in identifying the extent to which the Trump campaign interacted and communicated with Russian officials to tamper with the election results. Before Trump decides to so boldly accuse others of treason, it would behoove him to look within his own campaign and understand what being a traitor against your country inherently means.

Featured Image by Getty Images