Trump Tweets Early Morning Lies About The U.K. & Regrets It In 9 Seconds Flat


It is not uncommon for Trump to lie on Twitter based on information he learned from watching Fox & Friends. In a beautiful moment on Monday morning, however, the entire internet watched the people Trump and Fox were lying about fact-check his tweets in real time…and it was brutal.

At one time, Trump told his supporters that his goal as president was “healthcare for everyone.” Of course, that was during the campaigns. He said a lot of things back then, like that Mexico was going to pay for a border wall. But on the subject of universal healthcare, Trump seemed to not only be in favor but to actually side with Democrats. Everyone deserves healthcare, and Trump wanted a system that made that possible.

Oh, how quickly those promises have been forgotten.

On Monday morning, Trump repeated the details of a Fox & Friends segment about a healthcare protest currently happening in England. According to Trump’s favorite morning “news” program, people in England don’t like their national healthcare system. They don’t like having universal coverage and are suffering because of it.

The segment, as well as the president, failed to mention that Americans also protest and dislike their own healthcare system, and with good reason. It fails well behind the performance and standards of healthcare in all other developed nations.

Image via Newsweek

What’s worse, America pays a far higher cost for their broken healthcare system than any other developed nation and remains the only system that leaves millions of people without coverage.

Image via NBC

Then, in a beautiful moment of clarity and truth-telling, the people of the UK who are actually witnessing the protests Trump and Fox & Friends were spinning responded to Trump’s tweet. Despite the president’s praise of his favorite state-run media as being the only network to tell everyone the truth, people in the UK called them out as liars.

They aren’t fighting against their healthcare system. They’re fighting to save the national healthcare system that provides all of its people with access to lifesaving healthcare. They don’t want their universal healthcare system gone, they want it unchanged.

Perhaps Trump and Fox News had forgotten that people in England can see the president’s tweets, too. See some of the best responses from Twitter below:

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