BREAKING: Democrats Stun America & Flip Another Seat In Deep Red State; GOP Panics


As the Trump administration’s policies continue to bring controversy and opposition against the president himself, it has simultaneously led to a decrease in GOP-favored supporter bases around the country. With Trump hurting not only himself, but also his party, Republicans have attempted to maintain any ounce of legitimacy possible, while Democrats have been quick to act on the array of competitive districts now emerging.

On Tuesday, an otherwise historically red district in the city of St. Louis surprisingly took a blue turn in an election for the Missouri state House of Representatives. Although the district should have easily been carried by Trump, or an other GOP presidents for that matter, the community became an example of the anti-Trump sentiment spreading like wildfire. voting public clearly made their voices heard, as 27-year-old Democrat, Mike Revis, finalized a victory over Republican David Linton for the post, edging out Linton by roughly three percentage points. An even more blatant example of the damage Trump has caused for himself and his party, is that during the 2016 elections, the district was overwhelmingly won by the president, with a margin of 61 percent to 33 percent.

The vote provides apparent insight into the constantly decreasing Trump supporter base, as the president’s divisive policies have led to challenges and problems for a broad array of citizens around the country. Furthermore, despite having majority control in House, Senate, and executive office, the GOP have had difficulty winning any of the recent special elections during Trump’s presidency, most notably the loss of Republican Roy Moore to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama last year. In total for 2017, Democrats were able to rake in 15 special elections.

As Revis and Democrats can celebrate the victory in the aforementioned district, another, more significant example of Trump’s unpopularity, is currently looming. A rural district between St. Louis and the border of Arkansas was to too close to call as of 10 p.m. Eastern, but nevertheless showed Democrat Jim Scaggs leading Republican Chris Dinkins by a small margin.

The same district, was claimed with an even greater margin by Trump in 2016, winning 78 percent to 19 percent. The fact that this race is even more narrow than the above-mentioned one, and can serve as a blatant case for Trump’s loss of support, then it is clear that the Republican party may be in much trouble for the upcoming midterm elections.

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