BREAKING: Rising Democrat Superstar Makes 2020 Presidential Run Announcement


A common criticism of the Democratic Party is that its leadership is aging, with few viable candidates coming forward to lead a new generation of progressives. That’s one of the reasons that establishment Democrats decided on Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) to do the SOTU response, for example.

That trend appears to be changing. There’s a new contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination, and he’s only 43. Julián Castro, who was the Housing and Urban Development secretary for President Barack Obama, is entering the ring, and he boasts quite an impressive résumé.

He was elected to the San Antonio city council at only 26, and he later became the mayor. He was also one of the people on the final list of possibilities for Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016 (they eventually picked the “safer” and more conservative candidate, Tim Kaine, whose defining characteristic seems to be his lack of one). His twin brother Joaquin also serves in Congress, representing the 20th district in Texas.

Now Castro is stepping forward and making his presidential ambitions more obvious. According to NBC News:

‘Castro, the former Housing and Urban Development secretary under President Barack Obama and the former mayor of San Antonio, will be the headliner at the New Hampshire Young Democrats 2018 Granite Slate Awards Dinner.

‘Castro, 43, has been up front about his interest in a run for the nation’s highest office. He formed the Opportunity First political action committee last year and publicly launched it this year.

‘”I have every interest in running” in 2020 for president, Castro told NBC News. “Part of the process of figuring out whether I’m going to run is going to listen to folks and feel the temperature” of voters.”

‘During presidential elections, New Hampshire is the first to hold a primary. Iowa precedes it with its caucuses.’

Hopefully, the Democratic Party will have a broad range of candidates during the 2020 primary season. Democrats need more fresh blood in leadership. You can watch a speech by Castro below:

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images