George Papadopoulos’ Fiancée Accidentally Gives Mueller Gold During Tweet Mistake For The Ages


As special counsel Robert Mueller began his inquiry into the Russia investigation, it was almost immediately clear that foul play was at hand. Various documents and interactions between members of the Trump campaign and Russian-linked agents began emerging, and as a result individuals were singled out for their role in the potential Russian interference.

Among the initial individuals to be singled out for his influence was that of former Trump campaign aide and foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, who was indicted by Mueller for having been in contact with Russian officials regarding emails that were claimed to be damaging against Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos, who was later written off by the Trump administration to be nothing more than a far-off and non-integral assistant to Trump, would later come to be a core component in the broader investigation.

Recently, the fiancée of Papadopoulos, Simona Mangiante, emerged in a Twitter rant defending her partner, claiming that he was not only a key member of the Trump campaign, but further that he never acted on something without the permission of his superiors. According to an article by New York Daily News,

‘A declassified memo released by the Nunes’ panel confirmed that the young energy consultant’s interactions with Russians prompted the federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Moscow. Trump officials have painted him as a low-level volunteer, or “coffee boy,” but his fiancée believes otherwise.’

With the Nunes memo providing little substance in the means of exonerating the Trump administration from the ongoing Russia inquiry, it is evident that their attempt to mitigate Papadopoulos’ role would arise. Given that the young adviser played a key role in the launching and pursuing of the Russia collusion case by the federal government, downplaying the influence Papadopoulos had would play to the interests of the current administration.

However, Mangiante seems to be adamant on proving her husband’s significance throughout the Trump campaign, as well as his constant contact with more higher ranking members of the group. The tweets and retweets sent out by Mangiante range in date from late December to early January, each of which providing insight into the key role played by her fiancée throughout the election process.

Mangiante’s retweets coincide near simultaneously with the Nunes memo that was recently released, wherein the administration aimed to use various justifications, including the low-level and allegedly unimportant role of Papadopoulos, as a means of discrediting the ongoing Russia investigation. However, Mangiante is clearly aiming to show that this memo holds no substance in relation to the inquiry, due to the fact that Papadopoulos had a variety of critical impacts, including helping Trump write one of his first foreign policy speeches as he met with leaders in countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and brokered a meeting between Egyptian president El-Sisi and Trump.

Although the Trump administration continues to tug at futile strings as a means of proving his campaign’s innocence, the fact of the matter is that such evidence is providing little to no insight. As the administration continues to scramble, it is apparent that the truth of the investigation is getting even closer.

Featured image via Twitter