Joe Biden Goes On CNN, Puffs His Chest, & Calls Trump A ‘Joke’ LIVE On Air (VIDEO)


While addressing his supporters in a speech on Monday, President Trump used the opportunity as yet another way to lob attacks at Democrats. In doing so, Trump criticized the Democratic lawmakers present during his State of the Union address by calling them un-American, and going so far as to call them “treasonous” for not standing up and applauding him during the speech.

The remarks garnered a great deal of backlash from Democrats, not only because of the ill-advised attacks, but also because of his clear misunderstanding of the treachery within his own administration. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), a decorated war hero, reiterated that her allegiance does not lie with a draft-deferring, divisive president, but rather to that of the American Constitution and the principles within it.

Trump’s comments were not only responded to by current lawmakers in office, but also past ranking Democratic officials. Former Vice President Joe Biden referred to Trump as “a joke” earlier on Tuesday for making such illogical comments, claiming that he continues to be surprised by the lack of context and understanding that the current president consistently shows. While being interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Biden stated that,

‘I just marvel at some of the things he says and does like, what, two days ago, anybody [who] didn’t stand up and clap for him was un-American and maybe even treasonous.’

Cuomo made an attempt to play devil’s advocate, which has grown increasingly difficult under this administration, claiming that the remark was meant to be tongue-in-cheek outlining that Democrats can’t take a joke. It was then that Biden responded by calling Trump, himself, a joke.

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Biden went on to further criticize the Trump administration for their array of poor policy decisions and actions over the last year, especially in regards to his dealings with the Justice Department. Biden, rightfully, states that this is the first president that has made such egregious and blatant attacks against the DOJ, and that such conflicts are detrimental to the validity and strength of the democratic system.

The former vice president has been said to be contemplating a run for presidential office in 2020, and has ramped up his criticism of President Trump for disregarding the rule of law, and playing right into the hands of adversaries, such as Vladimir Putin and others, around the world.

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