D.C. City Council & Mayor Make Trump/Military Parade Statement That Has Donald Seething


Since taking office, “President” Donald Trump has said he wants a lot of things. Several of those things Republicans openly backed happily because it went along with their agenda and dealt with actual issues the country faces. However, Trump’s newest idea addresses no actual issue and is meant as a simple fertilizer for someone’s shriveled up wilted ego.

Instead of working towards a solution for DREAMers, Trump has ordered the Pentagon to throw a party celebrating America’s military might in the form of a good old-fashioned military parade.

However, not everyone is supporting the idea including those in the D.C. district. The D.C. city council trolled Trump via Twitter. They tweeted:

‘The DC government will open on time today.  DC Public Schools will open on time today. Sadly, the Giant Tank Parade is cancelled. Permanently.’

Screen-Shot-2018-02-07-at-7.59.40-PM D.C. City Council & Mayor Make Trump/Military Parade Statement That Has Donald Seething Donald Trump Featured Military Veterans

Obviously, that’s a big fat no on the parade.

Along with that, the mayor of D.C. shot the idea down. Though not flatly refusing the idea, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s spokesperson, Anu Rangappa, commented:

‘In the meantime, we do know that, just like the wall, he will have to pay for it.’

Mayor Bowser said in an interview:

‘I don’t know how they’re going to promote it or when they’re going to suggest it — but we will always be concerned with (the parade’s) impact on the city, the impact on safety, pulling personnel, and our roadways, and the attention it would attract.’

She also said during the interview that she was concerned with “what it would suggest about our country and the direction our country is moving in.”

It’s not just a simple parade. Throwing a military parade is a method of showing off military strength to one’s foes. North Korea holds military parades, and we all see what kind of leader Kim-Jong-Un is. You know who else had military parades? Hitler.

It’s one thing to celebrate the end of a war with a parade. However, there’s no real point to having a parade at this point in time considering we’re still fighting a war in the Middle East, and Trump keeps trolling Kim Jong-Un over Twitter.

If Trump wants to show the military his appreciation, he could do something for soldiers like fix the VA. Another awesome thing Trump could do instead of throw a ridiculous parade is create initiatives to address mental health issues in the military.

GettyImages-9150203281 D.C. City Council & Mayor Make Trump/Military Parade Statement That Has Donald Seething Donald Trump Featured Military Veterans
WASHINGTON, D.C. – FEBRUARY 6: (AFP-OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump hosts a law enforcement round table on MS-13 at the White House on February 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

The actual cost of a parade would be extremely high, and several lawmakers have voiced that concern. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) commented:

‘Take the money that the president would like to spend on this parade [and] instead, let’s make sure our troops are ready for battle and survive it and come home to their families.’

The last military parade in America was in 1991 after Desert Storm. When it was held, heavy equipment vehicles actually damaged the asphalt in Washington D.C. Popular Mechanics wrote:

‘Pretty much any civilian road a tank rolls down will have to be closed until the street itself is repaved, a process that could take weeks.’

Trump may want a military parade; however, it’s the last thing America needs right now. Americans need solutions to actual problems – not an ego trip.

Featured image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images.