Joe Biden Demolishes Trump’s Disgusting Presidency During Rally For House Dems


Former Vice President Joe Biden is well loved by Democrats. He’s calm under pressure and doesn’t pick fights when fights are uncalled for. Although he’s never been the President of the United States (yet), he acts more presidential than Donald Trump. In fact Trump would do well to emulate Biden from time to time. If he did maybe he wouldn’t look as much like a bumbling fool as he normally does. It’s almost as if Trump has been emulating Inspector Clouseau, instead of anyone with some semblance of decorum.

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Former VP Biden looking very presidential.

Wednesday Biden took the stage in D.C. to rally the House Democrats in preparation for the 2018 midterm elections. He urged party unity, and in the process forcefully called out Donald Trump for his divisiveness and lack of decorum, and said that he’s threatening the moral fabric of America.

‘We’re not a nation that gives comfort and safe harbor to neo-Nazis crawling out of the fields carrying torches. Walking through a historic city in the United States of America chanting the same anti-semitic bile…the same anti-semitic bile, carrying Nazi flags that occurred in Germany in the 30s.’

Biden was referring to last summer when white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis staged a hate-filled march on the grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. You may remember that Trump said some of the people in the hate-filled group were very fine people.

‘Who in God’s name would have thought we would be here at this moment with this President? We have a President who is consumed by his political survival. Everything is run through the filter of how it affects Donald Trump in Donald Trump’s mind.’

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Perhaps dreaming about getting back to Mar-A-Lago to waste even more taxpayer money. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

‘”Don’t act like the neighborhood bully talking down to ‘Little so-and-so, fat so-and-so. My God, he’s the President of the United States of America.’

‘The President is looking out for himself only. The Republican Party seems to only be looking out for the President. So it’s our job to remind the American people that we’re looking out for them. And that requires us…to remain united and not be divided.’

When Biden wasn’t railing against Trump he was pushing for the party to unite and stand strong. He wants the progressives and the working-class Democrats to stick together and take back the House this fall. He even said that, while the chances are slim, it may even be possible for Democrats to take back the Senate.

‘It’s a little bit more of a climb, but it’s real. Sometimes you can just feel it, you can taste it. There’s something out there.’

Right now Biden is focused on the mid-term elections. Maybe with his help, with his push to unite all Democrats, maybe it will be possible to take back control of both the House and the Senate. He’s certainly right when he said that there’s something out there. Democrats have been very successful in special elections recently, even in strong Republican territories.

Tuesday, a Democrat flipped a Missouri House seat in a district that Trump won by 28 points, in January another Democrat flipped a state Senate seat in Wisconsin in a district that Trump won by 17 points, and then there was Doug Jones’s win in Alabama. He became the first Democrat in a decade to win any statewide office in his state when he beat out Roy Moore for a spot in the U.S. Senate. All of these wins came in deep-red states and have really scared the GOP. Trump has been like an anchor on their party and they may really come to regret protecting him as much as they have been.

Joe Biden has known all along what would happen if Trump won the presidency. He knew it would be a disaster for our country and he’s right. Check out these remarks he made back in 2016.

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