JUST IN: Trump Reportedly ‘F*CKING Pissed’ About Wife-Beating White House Aide


White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned on Wednesday after allegations that he physically and emotionally abused his wife. According to CNN:

‘On Wednesday afternoon, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly described staff secretary Rob Porter as someone he was “proud to serve alongside,” and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders described Porter as someone “of the highest integrity and exemplary character.”‘

No so shockingly, the White House is bending over backwards to defend Porter even though his actions are deplorable and there is photo evidence proving physical abuse. CNN reported:

‘What prompted these glowing statements about a fellow colleague? Allegations were made public of emotional and physical abuse by both of Porter’s ex-wives — including photo evidence from his first wife, Colbie Holderness.
‘Either Kelly and Sanders were handed written statements that they blindly read or that is actually how they feel. Either option is unacceptable.’
Porter even had the generous opportunity to put out his own statement which denied the allegations. CNN reported some theories around why White House staff came out in defense of Porter:
‘They were in shock. They didn’t know how to handle such surprising allegations about a trusted colleague.
Nope. Kelly reportedly knew about these allegations back in the fall. And he allowed a man who faced allegations that he repeatedly abused his spouses to continue working in the people’s house.
‘These allegations are coming from sources that just aren’t credible.
‘No again. Both ex-wives, Jennifer Willoughby and Holderness, spoke on the record and in detail. Willoughby had filed a protective order against Porter and described her married life as “walking on eggshells” because of his anger.
‘And Holderness described an incident in detail from their honeymoon when he “wanted to have sex and kicked” her.
They are just defending their talented colleague.’

After such a disappointing White House response to the aide’s violence against his wife, there were reports that Mr. Trump himself was “f*cking pissed,” and that he became angry after Ivanka showed him a picture of Porter’s wife with a black eye that had been published in the Daily Mail.
According to Vanity Fair:
‘West Wing staffers continue to wonder why Kelly would keep the Porter allegations from the president, and why he defended Porter so aggressively when presented with allegations by the Mail. Porter’s history with women had been known to Kelly for months, a source familiar with the matter said. (Porter has been working with a temporary security clearance because the allegations surfaced in an F.B.I. background interview.) According to a source, Kelly at first pushed back when White House officials wanted him to issue a second statement walking back his initial strong defense of Kelly. Kelly ultimately wrote that he was “shocked by the new allegations.”’
Vanity Fair also reported:
‘The crisis also raises questions about Hope Hicks’s decision-making, and whether her romantic relationship with Porter clouded her judgment. According to a source, Hicks did not get a sign off from Trump for the White House’s initial statement defending Porter, in which Kelly was quoted calling Porter a “man of true integrity.”’
Now that all of this happened Republicans close to the White House say that it may push Trump closer to firing John Kelly. Another source shared that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski called Trump and urged him to fire Kelly.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Porter and the White House:
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