Conway Makes Disturbing Rob Porter/Domestic Violence Comments On CNN (VIDEO)


Not just one but two now former White House aides resigned in recent days after allegations were revealed against them of domestic violence. The more high profile of these resignations was that of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who had two ex-wives came forward with domestic abuse allegations against him.

Porter announced his resignation after an initial period of the White House attempting to distance itself from the allegations and maintain its support of Porter. The revelation of photos of one of the women’s injuries allegedly sustained at Porter’s hands made it, of course, more difficult for the White House to maintain its support of Porter.

Against this backdrop of initial across the board support at the White House for Porter, longtime Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway made some disturbing comments about the situation while on CNN’s State of the Union speaking with host Jake Tapper this Sunday.

She indicated to Tapper that she believes the women who have accused Porter of assault, which is, of course, the bare minimum that should be expected following the serious and credible allegations against Porter coming out. The allegations, it’s worth noting, are far from brand new — they underscored Porter being denied a permanent security clearance during his time in the White House.

In the face of all of this, Conway’s boss, President Donald Trump, has been the far most prominent lone holdout maintaining his support for Porter, and that’s what makes Conway’s comments so disturbing.

Even though even she, as a dedicated Trump shill, can see the credibility of the allegations against Porter, her boss still maintains his support of his disgraced staff secretary.

On Saturday, for instance, the president whined on Twitter that “Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation.”

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In the face of all of this, Conway commented to State of the Union host Jake Tapper:

‘I have no reason not to believe the women, and a week ago I had no reason to believe that that had ever happened. So again, we’re processing… I have every reason to believe that you’re a loving, supportive husband, and it would be very hard for me to see otherwise, but if I saw it, I would have to realize this is not the Jake Tapper I had known. So we do give people the benefit of the doubt.’

Watch the video of her comments below.

There’s a good reason, of course, both for Trump to insist on “due process” and for Conway to, even while saying she believes the women, talk about giving people the “benefit of the doubt.”

President Trump himself remains credibly accused of sexual harassment and assault, allegations that, even though they’re credible, haven’t brought down the man who currently remains our commander-in-chief.

Trump has managed to evade accountability for the allegations against him even as numerous other high profile men have finally gone down for the allegations against them.

Trump has dismissed the women’s allegations against him as “fake news,” as he so likes to do in the case of stories that paint him in a negative light.

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