BREAKING: Obama Mailed ‘White Powder’; Fire, Police & EMS Crew Swarm Scene


The latest portion of the saga of virulence in American politics is continuing to unfold this week, with former president and widely respected social leader Barack Obama having now been roped into the mess.

On Tuesday, a letter containing white powder was delivered to Obama’s office in D.C. The powder was eventually reported to be baby powder, while the letter itself was apparently sent from Hong Kong.

According to local media, the white powder was reported to the police just after noon local time. There are no reports of there having been any injuries or evacuations, although the Secret Service is reported to be investigating the incident.

Local media states that it is “unclear” whether Obama himself was in the office building the powder was sent to when it was discovered. He’s apparently rented space in the building since leaving office in January of last year.

This incident comes a day after Vanessa Trump — wife of Donald Trump Jr. — was taken to the hospital as a precaution after opening an envelope with a white powder which was later determined to be harmless.

On top of that, on Tuesday, authorities were apparently investigating a letter containing white powder that had been sent to an office at the United Kingdom’s Palace of Westminster, in London.

Since leaving office, the Obamas have stayed moderately active in the public eye, with their most recent spotlight coming in conjunction with the unveiling of their official portraits at the Smithsonian Institution recently.

Besides that, the Obamas have also conducted a string of television appearances, including the former president having appeared as the first guest on late night icon David Letterman’s new Netflix show.