Sarah Huckabee Gets Completely Humiliated During WH Press Brief; Blinks Wildly


Perhaps one of the most bewildering aspects of the Trump administration as a whole, aside from the actions of the president himself, are the people that have been hired over the last year to fill various posts on the Trump team. This applies especially to those who have more public positions, in which they interact daily with the mainstream media and provide statements.

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Whereas in the past most White House press secretaries would provide the media with factual insight and legitimate answers when questioned in briefings, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is in no way the traditional press secretary. On numerous accounts she has intentionally and blatantly dodged questions, given irrelevant answers, and has recently started up her track record of misinforming members of the media in her remarks. Specifically in regards to the handling of White House aide Rob Porter, after reports emerged of Porter’s history of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

In a Monday press briefing, Sanders initially claimed that the investigation into the allegations against Porter were still ongoing at the time of his resignation, which was why the White House had yet to have fired him. However, FBI Director Christopher Wray seemingly contradicted Sanders’s statement in a hearing on Tuesday, wherein he testified that the Porter case had been closed last year, bringing about concerns that the Trump administration had held onto Porter even after knowing about the sexual abuse charges.

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According to a POLITICO report,

‘Sanders’ Monday account was disputed by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who told the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday that the bureau had filed an initial report on Porter last March, finished its background check in July, submitted a follow-up in November and had “administratively closed” the file in January.’ 

In a follow-up press briefing which occurred on Tuesday, members of the media began to press Sanders for answers as to why she had misled them in claiming that the case was still continuing, despite the fact that Wray had stated it closed months prior. When confronted about which one of them was telling the truth, Sanders only attempt at explanation was to say that both she and Wray were giving the facts. She further deflected responsibility for the misinformation given to the media, stating simply that she only provides the information she has access to, and that things are fluid and change day-to-day.

Sanders’s futile attempt at damage control provides insight into the ongoing controversies within the Trump administration, and the diminishing credibility of the White House under the current president. If Wray’s statement that the administration was informed about the close of Porter’s investigation last year, and they did in fact keep the aide on board amidst the allegations, it would open an entirely new can of worms about the values of the White House, as they would have knowingly defended an instigator of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this would not be the most surprising of news, considering President Trump’s personal track record of sexual harassment and egregious activities over the years.

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