Actress Olivia Wilde Criticized For Posting Photo Kissing Her Son – Then This Happened


The extent to which things can be taken out of context in today’s world, and leveraged to criticize another person’s lifestyle or relationships, has not only gotten out of hand, it has become borderline outrageous. Outside opinions on one’s parenting styles, relationship building, or family dynamics are now being used by a generation of keyboard warriors to illogically and disturbingly lob critiques at those they may not be fond of, perhaps as a means of boosting their own self confidence.

One person who can give a first-hand experience as to the criticisms that were received for an innocent and, frankly, very sweet photo she posted to her Instagram account, is none other than renowned actress and loving mother, Olivia Wilde. In October of last year, following the deadliest mass shooting in the nation’s history in Las Vegas, Wilde hoped to find solace and hope in her three year old son, during a time when the entire nation was grieving and in need of love and support. The picture she posted shows the clear love and care that she has for her young son, the photo depicting a scene where she was giving him a bath, and seemingly stopped to give the toddler a sweet little peck on the lips.

Finding hope in this ❤.

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Whereas most people were able to see the love and delight between the mother and young son pair, others decided to use the opportunity in order to lob criticism at Wilde for the picture. In doing so, some social media users claimed that the innocent kiss was “gross” and that kissing her child the same way she kisses her husband is not good for his development. Clearly, the individual who decided to write the comment has little to no context on the bond that parents share with their young children, and attempted to make the otherwise sweet and delightful photo into one of unnecessary crudeness.

Luckily, however, faith in humanity was quickly restored, as the critical comment was met with a flood of positive and optimistic comments. While some thanked Wilde for the beautiful picture during a time when the nation was in such despair, reminding her followers that not all in the world is negative, others questioned the initially negative comment in wondering how anybody could view such a sweet moment as being unnatural.

Unfortunately, however, Wilde was just the latest of celebrity mothers to be criticized for kissing her young child, as social media users had similarly lobbed attacks at Hilary Duff upon posting a photo that showed her kissing her then 4-year-old son on the lips as well. Additionally, David Beckham also received backlash when he posted a picture kissing his daughter while the two of them were enjoying bonding time with one another.

Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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Nevertheless, it is clear that some people live on the need to criticize and attack the lifestyles of others, rather than focus on improving their own personal relationships first. This trend is not likely to stop in the social media world, but continuing to show it proudly and denounce those who, for some reason, see it as unnatural, is the first step in quelling the unnecessary noise.

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